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    Discovery & Claims

    So interesting times with Discovery and Covid 19. Discovery's policy with chronic medicine is that you can only collect your medicine every 24 days. Normally I went on day 28-30, depending on how my week goes. The day before lockdown, I stood in Clicks' queue for over an hour only to be...
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    Why Customer Service, Why?

    Why is it always that when customer service (Ebucks, FNB, whomever) calls you back, they always try twice, but immediately after each other. Don't they realize I might still be on the same call as a minute ago or still in the same meeting? The best is when they then respond on email and say...
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    Identify the font in a logo

    I hope someone is able to assist me in finding out the font of a specific logo. The logo is on this page I've tried, but it isn't a perfect match.
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    Mazda CX5 vs Nissan Xtrail

    So, I've being driving the same car for the past 13 years. I've never been a 3-5 year trade in type of guy. I'm afraid the 13 years might become 23 if I can't make up my mind pretty soon. I've brought down my options to 2 SUV's (my family is growing :ROFL:). 2016 Mazda CX 5 vs 2016 Nissan X...
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    Which Tablet?

    When it comes to tablets I'm honestly clueless. My wife is doing her masters this year and she requires a tablet to work from in class. As it is only for reading PDF's and the odd "me time activity", I'm looking for an entry level model. On Take-a-Lot there are a vast amount of options, from...
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    Newspapers on Microfilm

    I guess this is as off topic it gets. Since I met my wife she has always wanted to walk into a library and use a Microfilm reader, just to experience reading a newspaper on one. With us living in the 21st century, does anyone know where I can access/view/use one of these old time classics?
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    Telkom not reversing services

    I'm honestly fed up with Telkom and all points of access to their consultants. I asked for an upgrade to a 4mb line (yes I know hey). This was done, but a 4mb line 24 month contract was loaded as well. I repeatedly told the consultant I use my own separate ISP. On my bill for December I was...
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    Netis Router Extender

    I had problems with the strength and quality of my Dlink Router at the back of our house. I went out and bought myself a Netis Extender and it is working great. When looking for available wifi connections, the Netis shows as "Open" with no security or password. When accessing the router...
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    Evening Dress Hire

    So my sister needs a dress for a formal she is attending... She already has a date, but not a dress! :p I know of Black Tie in Hatfield that rents out dresses, any other places? Preferably in Johannesburg. Thanks :)
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    ANCYL definition on sleeping around!

    Don't know if this has been on MyAdsl already... This is so sad... :D
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    Smash and Grab Thieve Caught [video]

    This happened in Smith Street, Braamfontein.,,3-2082_2424635,00.html Look at the guy in the red blazer after he m0erd the guy! He should have m0erd him harder! :D
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    We have a winner - Disaster Movie

    This movie is currently in cinemas. It has taken the No.1 spot on's "Bottom 100" with a score of 1.3 out of 10! :sick: :sick: Bare in mind 1 is the lowest! :D Can't believe it is on the local cinema! :( Not that I would have gone and watch it, but poor souls that can currently be...
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    Cops at my place in 3 mins after I phoned

    So I wake up this morning (8am) with a loud banging. Initially I'm annoyed with someone knocking on my window. After a inspection at every single window and no one to be found, I started with my daily activities! (reading news24, having a look at my share portfolio ect) 5 mins later I hear...
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    59th member to reach the magical milestone

    5000 Well, Today I've been registered on MyAdsl for 2 years, and 1 day! :p Looks like Sneeky doesn't want to budge from his 4999 post, so now I'm the 59th member and not the 60th one to reach 5000 posts, like I hope. Well done to you then Sneeky. :D Thanks to all who has made this...
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    Neotel grabs half of big firms

    Well, I'm really glad for Neotel, as we've seen from their stats, how difficult it is to get into the market. 60000 customers? :eek: Wasn't it like 500 the other day? Wonder where they currently stand? Link
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    Investec accusation dropped

    Investec Article So you want to tell me that all banking stocks rose on the news out of the states? And by up to 17%! Remember when the credit crunch came to a full swing during last year and the beginning of this year, our Banking stocks did not nearly decline as much. We were harder hit by...
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    Zing Zing Click...Zing Zing Click

    So my Hard Drive started to make a "Zing Zing Click" noise (last for 10 seconds) once every hour or so. Is it time to start with a back up? It has done it for more than 3 months now, but it's occurring more and more over the last 2 weeks. :( Does Storgate replace any other Hard Drives...
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    I won the UK Lotto [Scam]

    LOL. They don't even have my name in there. After the "Dear"...:D It happened to my friend a few weeks back, he even emailed them and they replied (just for the fun) and all. :rolleyes: :D
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    TMO: Rugby referees apologise

    That is the worst ref by far :sick:, all his decisions where way out. :eek: Forward passes ect. Don't know what he wasted his time on! :rolleyes::(
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    DSTV Software Upgrade

    Anyone who's signal just went off? Normally it was done around 3am? :rolleyes: