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    Cancelling Rain

    When Rain starts to kick people off their network to ease congestion (as it seems to be what you're alluding to), they should start with you. We're all suffering at the moment. They can't just magically flip a button and have all the spectrum and all the money in the world to build extra...
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    Rain Mobile Feedback Thread

    Yep. International is mostly unusable. Latency test errors on Local seems fine.
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    Telkom Mobile roaming on Vodacom

    Thanks for the explanation Cavedog ;)
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    Telkom Mobile roaming on Vodacom

    Where I was only able to roam on MTN yesterday, it seems that the Vodacom tower got 'upgraded' today at our farmhouse. There's a new option when manually selecting networks. And it's working well. 65505 or TelkomSA-R. See attached screenshots.
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    Telkom LTE crashed nationally?

    01H27, service restored just now. Will see how long it lasts :/ Edit: No LTE/4G available. Only 3G. Tried with different phones and a router.
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    Rain dead ?

    Also having major issues today
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    The difference between R99 and R169 Netflix

    Oh, I see. Seems I have a bit of reading up to go and do regarding this subject! ;)
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    The difference between R99 and R169 Netflix

    I just noticed the strange jump in bandwidth requirements from HD TO UHD. Standard – HD (High Definition), 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 in 16:9) HD – 5Mbps Premium – UHD (Ultra High Definition), 2160p (3,840 x 2,160 in 16:9) UHD – 25Mbps The resolution from HD to UHD is double, so why the large...
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    Help required with ADSL modem

    Hi there I am in need of some help to get my Huawei DSL modem connected to my Telkom account. Huawei HG630b Home Gateway - The account and line works perfect on an older Netgear modem I have. I’m having issues with the Wifi on the Netgear modem, so want to get the Hauwei up...
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    T-Mobile CEO John Legere riled up about upcoming spectrum auction [NSFW] There seems to be some fire burning in this guy's veins. I must admit that I like it! Referring to Verizon and AT&T as 'Dumb and Dumber' . :D Need some CEO's like this in S.A..
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    Name suggestions for a goblin Spriest?

    Anyone got any cool name suggestions for a goblin shadow priest come cataclysm? I google'd some, but they generally suck. And btw, for all you Spriests out there, here is another super cool ability we are getting in cata, although theory crafters still need to determine the dmg...