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  1. Polar79

    Advice on network extensions

    Looking for solutions on network extension to an out building. Line of sight is 65m and hardwire about double that with about 20m drop in elevation. Thinking either long distance wifi or digging in a cable with a separate wifi router. Any advice?
  2. Polar79

    Looking to take over LTE uncapped contract

    As title suggests, looking to take over an LTE uncapped contract. Let me know if you would like to get out of yours.
  3. Polar79

    How to check LTE "uncapped" monthly usage stats??

    On the Telkom "unlimited" LTE package for R799 (Now 300gb capped) Does anyone know how to check monthly usage stats so I can see that I don't cross the newly imposed limit? A ussd code to dial from the router perhaps or where to view this on the pretty much useless mytelkom site? I know that...
  4. Polar79

    Fee chargeable - Help me turn the tables on the TAX man.

    Accounting fee chargeable - Help me turn the tables on the TAX man. That time of the year again and I have been researching TAX deductibles. As title suggests, I am willing to pay an accountant's fee... Sure thats deductible too ;) First my circumstance- I am full time employed as field...
  5. Polar79

    Medical aid advice, how to make the most of it... Discovery Coastal with Gap?

    My employer is signing us up as a group to Discovery. Company contribution would be R975. So I've been lucky enough to make it to 35 without any medical aid. I live alone with no dependants. Fairly healthy, I have not required medical attention in over 5 years. Downside is I have no Idea of...