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  1. JRJakkals

    Reliable Moving company - Pretoria to Cape Town

    Hi Everybody I am moving from Pretoria to Cape Town. Looking for a Reliable Moving company? Which moving company will you advise and how much +- will it cost? Moving 2 bedroom house Regards
  2. JRJakkals

    What do you think of SuperSonic service\support?

    What do you think of SuperSonic service\support?
  3. JRJakkals

    MTN Fixed LTE upload speed terrible

    Hi Everybody So got the MTN Fixed LTE from SuperSonic and my download speed is 18-20Mbps and Upload speed 0.80-1Mbps (terrible) I am in the Irene, Centurion area. Does anybody experience the same problem
  4. JRJakkals
  5. JRJakkals

    Axxess&Afrihost New MTN Fixed LTE - Huawei b315

    Hi Everybody I see Afrihost and Axxess have a new MTN Fixed LTE deal. So I bought a MTN sim card\loaded some data and using a Huawei b315 and the internet is working. I see the MTN APN settings are different from Afrihost and Axxess MTN. My question is why cant I use my Huawei b315 even if it...