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    Hydronic underfloor heating

    Anyone here have hydronic underfloor heating. Would love to know approximate cost before making enquiries. As it has to be built into screed I think, is it possible to put it on top of existing screed and just poor another layer of screed?
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    If this video regarding Covid-19 is true it is criminal

    Could people really be this evil and have untold deaths just to make money? It has made me think we do not know all that is happening behind the scenes. You decide for yourself...
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    Outdoor composite decking

    Has anyone installed composite decking which apparently lasts for 15 years plus depending on the product? If so would you mind sharing your experience with product, where you bought it and price. Thanks
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    Reasonably priced Structural engineer wanted

    I am adding on 2 rooms upstairs and need a structural engineer to sign off on it before submitting to council. Does anyone know of anyone reasonably priced? I’m in Bloubergrant so someone close would be great.
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    New source for nzbs (indexer)

    Hi guys, New indexer is open for registrations. Work on site is ongoing so keep this in mind and if you experience any glitches just reach out to us in our forum.
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    New site for nzbs

    If you would like to join a newly launched site please pm me. Only longstanding active members here welcome. If this does not apply to you yet then please feel free to pm me once you have been active for a couple months. Pm me and I will give you the info.
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    Neighbour won't sign off on my building plans

    I have had plans drawn up and my neighbour behind my house says he cannot consent to the building plans as is. My house faces the sea, his house is behind us facing the road to the left of my building. On the left of my building I want to extend our house 1.8 m to the left (well within the...
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    Any retired architects in Tableview/Milnerton area

    I am looking for retired architect that might be interested in looking at house plans to see whether it fits in with complex look and post renovating coming out to check whether the build is as per approved plan.
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    Wall plug with power and RJ45 socket I have called a few places looking for the above with no luck. Anyone know where I can purchase it.