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    No petrol money? 'Dudu Myeni has known about the court dates for two years'

    Wow in deed. Are these judgements' transcripts available online anywhere? It would be interesting to read the full judgement. I don't see it linked to in any of the reporting, but they're clearly all quoting from the same sheet.
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    No petrol money? 'Dudu Myeni has known about the court dates for two years'

    From the fin24 article (posted after your comment):
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    Where to start with Equity Funds, Unit Trust(s), etc

    Basics: Step 1: nuke the debt (congrats) Step 2: Build your emergency fund. Step 3: Invest in a diversified equity fund You say the debts are done. Now is time to make sure you have enough money in the bank to deal with emergencies. Think a global virus pandemic putting your country in...
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    Hong Kong putting residents returning from South Africa in quarantine camps

    It's not like the incoming procedures are a secret - if the local government has done one thing well (and god knows, they've messed up just about everything else), it's making a big song and dance about the quarantine. And even if they somehow missed it, who in these times - after SEVEN WEEKS...
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    Health & Fitness resources

    Yeah that's a hassle right now. The problem is if you learn bad form you will injure yourself sooner or later. There's a stunning number of channels/pages on youtube/insta/whatever and the problem is it's impossible for a beginner to distinguish between someone who knows what they're talking...
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    Health & Fitness resources

    Having been on this journey for a few years now, and having read a whole lot of books, I can honestly say there is only one book you need to start with: Bigger Leaner stronger (for men) or Thinner Leaner Stronger (for women) by Mike Matthews. Of all the books I've read, it has the best signal...
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    Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans

    Hey Michael, why not lead by example? You're clearly consuming far too much food.
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    Yoga (YouTube channels, videos, apps)

    Antranik has some great bodyweight videos, including a Yoga foundations series that starts here.
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    Julian Assange to be expelled from Ecuadorian embassy in London within hours say WikiLeaks

    Yep, this is likely to succeed. Not sure about the rest but I know someone who was a case worker at the immigration people (UKBA?) and explained this to me. He may be cunning but he's a useful idiot. Apparently, so is she.
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    Beijing tightens grip over coronavirus research, amid US-China row on virus origin

    Things have really deteriorated in the last two or so years. I've never lived in the mainland but I used to go there a lot for work. I've definitely been followed around. serpentza nand laowai86 did a steam with the guys from China Uncensored where they go into a bit more detail of the bs...
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    [UK] New Labour leader Keir Starmer vows to lead party into 'new era'

    Because if you can't bring yourself to defend the message, why not shoot the messenger? Here's David Lammy uttering the words himself: If anything, ukip guy missed an opportunity. The segment starts off with the presenter asking "And do you think he's the right person to lead the enquiry?"...
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    [UK] New Labour leader Keir Starmer vows to lead party into 'new era'

    And yet they like to paint the conservatives as the racists and sexists.
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    [UK] New Labour leader Keir Starmer vows to lead party into 'new era'

    I don't know how I feel about this. He's not a useless dry spunge like Corbyn. On the other hand, he's not a useless dry sponge like Corbyn.
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    Free e books

    You know women can read the heavy books too, right? ;) As others have said, Project Gutenburg is good. If you have a kindle, there are lots of free books on the store - anything in public domain usually has a free version available. I imagine the other eReaders - kobo, etc - have similar...
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    Pretoria girl recovering after being struck by lightning

    It's a short fun read! I was half expecting this with im killing someone and being found guilty, only to survive the electric chair. No one called him Flash? Or Sparky? I am disappointed.
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    SA History Book Recommendation Thread

    Since I haven't read it yet, I can't call it a recommendation, but I've had it recommeded by a few history enthusiast friends, so I picked up a copy. "A History Of South Africa" by Frank Walsh If that's not enough, the 35 page bibliography should provide enough to keep you busy for the next...
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    What budgeting app work and can be trusted

    Not SA specific, but if you're in the Apple ecosystem, give Debit & Credit a look. It is not country spacific, supports mutliple accounts & budgets in multiple currencies.
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    Big question when you decide on a TFSA

    Good to know. It makes sense that you can move ETFs between them, since you can do that between brokers.