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    Swiss appliances - anyone know the brand?

    Condenser dryer vs regular 1st generation dryer: the difference between driving an old rusted Beetle in winter vs 2020 model car. If venting to outside the 1st gen ok ish.
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    Mzwandile Masina's Twitter account deactivated following ANC rebuke

    "Radical views" is just a form of blindness /folly and utter bull. If it were black everywhere it would be utterly dark, and white everywhere also nothing to be seen...the mix is needed. We need to trade and share with one another else the baker would need to wear his loaves as clothing as well...
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    Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Njabulo Nzuza, hijacked in Midrand

    Where there's no smokes, there's fire? If it happened around Cartonville, there could well be a connection.
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    Funny Pictures Thread - No 7

    ^Don't forget the spare, or they will still track you.
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    Funny Pictures Thread - No 7

    A number of these millennials become illiterate without emojis. Ps. Wasn't sure to add a smiley or crying emoji.
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    Boeing resumes production of 737 Max

    Both can take you down.
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    Donald Trump is getting fact checked on Twitter, and he is not happy

    So he's not happy being called a bull-twitter?.....
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    South Africa doesn’t have enough black pilots and cabin crew: lawmakers

    ANC: Their non- racial, non- whatever policies and justice for all, got greedily / very very quickly forgotten. Self- interest to the point of disgraceful...even Voster, PW and Verwoed led more modest lives. So sad that great men like Biko, Hani, Sobukwe had to die for this....this was not...
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    Funny Pictures Thread - No 7

    x7^ Russian PPE for dispensing Viagra?? Looks like the curve is flat.
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    Did erroneus mathematical models panic us all into global lockdown?

    ^^@ _Kabal_ DavidFreeman said: My interactions in this thread have taught me a lot about the people who post on MyBB. I rarely bother correcting anyone on the internet for obviously reasons... but I'll be sure to not waste my time posting here in future as it's clear that everyone knows...
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    Seems OP lead with their left foot...straight to mouth?
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Nice winter of old style rain, stormy feel, as the last few years the rain has been on the millennial style....thin and fluffy upstairs.
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    Funny Pictures Thread - No 7

    ^Well it doesn't appear to be an analytical scientific clear and calm one. Smoke free zone perhaps, but that's about it?
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    Funny Pictures Thread - No 7

    ^^ a true multi-race-all.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    STRUDELS : We now stock tobacco plants and pineapple seeds alongside our orchids and other exotics, we are doing our best to keep up in this changing world. Remember safe distancing, and smell the flowers, Do Not Blow or Cough on them!!
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    Did erroneus mathematical models panic us all into global lockdown?

    Faulty mathematical models are one thing and not the true cause, but the real issue lies with those accepting them...why did they? Clearly these models were not properly understood, examined, checked along withe authors of same.
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    Did erroneus mathematical models panic us all into global lockdown?

    People love novelty and fads and going along with them. Remember: War of Worlds, hula hoop, yo-yo, Walkmans,early days of Sun City Vuvuzelas, mirror socks, fidget spinners, a highway car crash, shipwreck, Black Friday , Covid ......the hordes go bananas. Look what is spent on Zombies....movies...
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    President to address the nation on Sunday 24 May 2020

    Does he have a new watch, or is it "sundial with a torch time".
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    230,000 cases opened against South Africans for lockdown violations

    We nee to demand justice in chronological order, deal with the toll "offenders " the the daily crime and Corona offenders.....see how much blood they will get from all are going to take forever to pay these fines off or plenty new jails....not the brightest bunch
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    Zuma loses Hanekom 'spy' defamation case, ordered to pay damages

    This outcome really warms my heart.