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    Driving along the N4 yesterday on our way to Harties we normally do a speed of about 130kph. We also have Waze on to see where the cops are and promptly slow down to the speed limit where needed. Just after the Ga-Rankuwa off-ramp we slow down just behind the bend, the Nissan Juke on my left...
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    10Tb Telkom Free Data

    Anybody get 10Tb free Telkom data loaded today ?? Not sure if its an error because my main screen only shows 43Gb remaining. @rpm @Jamie McKane @Bradley Prior
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    Metrofibre ftth - sinoville, annlin, doornpoort, montana, wonderboom

    Posted as received: Metrofibre has installed into many complexes and streets in the Montana area. Metrofibre is installing into free standing homes in a phased approach. We aim to have reached all the homes by end 2019. As there will be no cost to the resident during this period, we encourage...
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    Fibre Advise - Metrofibre Feedback

    Metrofibre VS Frogfoot We are looking at getting fibre in our complex and so far have these two options to go with. Based on the forum each one has their two cents but can anyone provide further insight on the below: 1) Build quality and installation 2) After sales support 3) Quality of...
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    Neotel Installation Problems

    I have been following these forums which much excitement especially with regards to the LTE products offered by Neotel. So with all the good reviews I decided to go for it and see what it was about, I opted for the 4mg line and submitted the docs as requested. 2 days later I get a phone...