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    Mirror Trading International

    Picking up an echo in here...
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    How to import from GearBest and more

    I just placed an order for a charger cable and some camera boards like 10 minutes ago on banggood, using the direct mail option...
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    Xceed 144Hz Monitor with HDR from Checkers & (or whatever your store URL is - not available at all Checkers)
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    South Africa's free fibre line speed increases - When they will end

    FF will, seemingly on the same day, be pulling back the speeds and increasing their pricing. Sad sad day. Anecdotal and all, but quite a few peeps in the FF neighborhood around me have indicated that they are contemplating a downgrade if the increases are too much.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Could you please measure the actual screen part of the screen for me, excl. the bezel? Specifically interested in the height...
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    Mirror Trading International

    Imagine if all of us never actually contributed anything in our posts on here, but instead simply posted a link to our own Blog/website, where we have ""given our response" (you are lying about that by the way - I see no 'response' in the link you posted). RAS - @mods, note I killed the...
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    24 schools and 20 cellphone towers vandalised every day in South Africa

    Where does one draw the line though? Crime should not ever be justifiable in this manner...
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    UV phone sterilizer

    ~R1900? But there is no way, afaik, to confirm that X minutes in this actually does anything.
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    Mirror Trading International

    /me locks and loads I shoot it down, not because I have not tried it myself, not because I am not willing to accept the risk, but because this 'opportunity' has all the hallmarks of a scam - a pyramid shaped one noggal. Would investing in this, not be akin to 'stealing' from other idiots that...
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    Sars abuses wide powers of debt recovery

    SARS have raided our business accounts in the recent past. But it was our fault since we did not give them form X Æ A-12. Have heard many similar stories though.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Yep, legit*. I found most of their stuff overprices though. What are you planning to buy? *Even big legit companies are struggling to cope in these times, so the normal T&Cs apply.
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    If you buy illegal cigarettes you are nothing but a common criminal.

    Fixed it. Sharing is caring you know.
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    Nokia 8 Sirocco

    Phone upgraded ... B00M, wifi issues. It connects, disconnects, connects, disconnects. Driving us crazy. Been playing around with different settings the past week... no luck. :crying:
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    Tenants exesive water usages

    There ain't a lot of choices. As @Lupus said, ... take the total water bill, divide it by the total KL used, then multiply it by the amount of water each one used - done. This is about as fair is it gets.
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    Safe to order food ?

    Ordered a gatsby. Packaging was doused in alcohol and wiped down, before being handled, and then finally discarded. Food was then abnormally nuked, before declared about as safe as it gets.
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    Mirror Trading International

    Assumed as much, but was not directed at you specifically ;)
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    Mirror Trading International

    But how???