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    Breedenet Complaint

    So, anybody have ranking contact details you could PM me? We're being raped here outside Cradock. CloudKaroo,/BreedeNet owned by Herotel, ex opencast mining truck mechanics mounting and tuning transmitters?! WTaF?! Senior technicians never reachable as they're constantly out doing tower...
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    Help needed Outgoing Server

    You need Vodacom SMTP credentials if you want to send via Vodacom mail servers, else you are as good as spamming or spoofing. Your email authentication settings should both be for Telkom, but I stand to be corrected...
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    Anyway to use local email client so we dont have to have Outlook installed on terminal server? allows you to print local desktop from RDP session. Opens up Acrobat Reader, attach to email, send.
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    Mind The Speed MTS Experience

    And who is your fibre provider?
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    Breedenet Complaint

    @PaulB_, glad you are sorted. I am in exactly the same situation, except, much further rural than you. The family Farms in the Eastern Cape, also a wireless/microwave subscription. This the Gold on at R899/month for a mere 2MB uncapped service. Yet, most of the time throughout is a piss poor...
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    How do I retract email from Outlook 365: it was a forwarded Calendar invite

    In the original email, Actions, Recall. The Help option is also very informative.
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    Free Fibre Speed Upgrades - Did you get yours 9th bullet point.
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    Free Fibre Speed Upgrades - Did you get yours

    It's the "we are upgrading everyone, for free", but the T's&C's exclude several areas, etc. Eg, on Frogfoot, Some complexes, and areas are excluded from the free upgrade promotion due to backhaul or other logistical constraints – Blitz Fibre complexes, Century City, Clara Anna, Port Elizabeth...
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    Free Fibre Speed Upgrades - Did you get yours

    Still not able to enjoy the "free" upgrade... Burgundy Estate, Miknerton CoolIdeas on Frogfoot 10/10
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    Free Fibre Speed Upgrades - Did you get yours

    CoolIdeas did a Facebook notification stating they're upgrading 10/10 today, 20/20 and 50/50 tomorrow, etc. I'm 10/10 and still on 10/10. Rebooted the ONT 3x today, last time was at 18:30, no change. Has anyone considered that all the fibre and IS providers are doing is allocating the now...
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    Free Fibre Speed Upgrades - Did you get yours

    Nope. CoolIdeas on Frogfoot.
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    Office 365 and working from home

    Indeed. Issue O365E3 licenses to everyone. Click-click easy for each user to migrate with videos, etc. For company data, issue a OneDrive license for the file servers, sync al the folders "up" with OneDrive. OneDrive and SharePoint is "the same storage space". All of Teams comms is stored in...
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    Office 365 and working from home

    Microsoft Teams and Hosted Exchange, ie. Office365 E3 licenses is all you need.
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    Mweb and their non-funcitoning OTP

    But, no, I am unable to assist with the OTP.
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    Mweb and their non-funcitoning OTP

    In the mean time, get a new email account, start changing and notifying every service you receive emails from and then, if you get access again, cancel.
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    Mweb and their non-funcitoning OTP

    Use this Corona time and change your email service provider. MWeb is dead, have been for years.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Thanks for asking. We've been too busy to stream anything, so can't say. I am starting to think it might be DSTV Now not able to cope as the free channels was advertised recently. In typical fashion they will only decide to upgrade their delivery after months of terrible service. I am not...
  18. S - offline for last day?

    Daaaayum!! I am due to migrate to them at the end of the month. [emoji52]
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    Estate Agent trying to cancel deal

    Then legally, only the bond registered person have to sign. COP only comes into effect on death, divorce or insolvency/debt, etc. So your friend have a pre-approved bond, but the bank has not registered a bond yet, so she's not out of pocket yet, financially. I would register a complaint...