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  1. m0zy

    New MTN Fixed LTE SIM's from Axxess

    Morning Just got this news via email from Axxess. Looks very cool. Nice work MTN & Axxess. Will definitely be signing up for this!
  2. m0zy

    Axxess VoIP comes with 3 months rollover

    This 3 month rollover of unused call time is very cool ! Or direct link..
  3. m0zy

    New Axxess Uncapped accounts: Unshaped, Unthrottled, No Thresholds.

    I see Axxess also have a new Uncapped account that is Unshaped, Unthrottled with no Thresholds. Plus it looks like they have dropped the prices on all packages. This is going to be an interesting month in the ISP business :)
  4. m0zy

    Uncapped ADSL from Axxess Uncapped Express (International bandwidth supplied by Satellite) 384Kbps @ R799.00 per month (Vat.Inc) 512kbps @ R1099.00 per month (Vat.Inc) 1024kbps @ R2199.00 per month (Vat.Inc) Uncapped Express Plus (International bandwidth supplied by Fibre)...