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    Need new phone, need help deciding

    Hi guys I have a launch iphone 6 and i think its time to upgrade. budget is under 10k. The Huawei ranges caught my interest, i am looking at P20 6999 P30 lite 5999/5500 P20 pro R8999 between the P20 and the P30 lite which one is better? i know the processor difference, but the camera on the...
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    5TB HDD not working. Can i return under warranty

    Hi guys So my 5TB seagate is not working anymore no matter what i try. light comes on but nothing happens. I want to know is it possible to return the drive under warranty and what are the conditions? It has 2 year warranty as per website. Anyone else tried returning a HDD before? Bought at...
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    Samsung twin cooling fridge not cooling?

    Hi guys I have one of those ,double door Samsung fridges that stopped cooling. Any idea what i can check before sending for repairs?
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    Immediate EFT or Pay and Clear Now, is it safe?

    Hi guys I know a normal EFT is not the way to go. What are the pit falls of pay and clear now transactions? is it safe to assume once the payment reflects in my bank account all is good? I know you have to wait up to 60 minutes for the transaction to clear. I normally use FNB geo payments...
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    Urgent Sale: Merida Big Nine 600 '18 XXL Brand New

    For all the tall guys out there, this needs to go asap. Item: Merida Big Nine 600 2018 XXL Age: Purchased 2 months ago (June 30 2018) at Cyclelab for R 14,000 (have receipt as proof) Warranty: I assume yes, bike still brand new basically Reason for selling: The bike is too big for me. Price...