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  1. xrapidx

    4k over ethernet...

    Going to try keep this simple. Not sure if this is even the right sub-forum. Current Situation: I have a HD projector (Optoma HD20) - I'm trying to keep it going as long as I can (new kid, watching budget) - various things have failed and been fixed. Projector from amplifier is about 15m. Two...
  2. xrapidx

    Alternative to Telkom FamilyFree me

    All this for data... Currently have a Telkom FamilyFree 30Gb package for R705pm - with four sims, but constantly sitting with almost double that, even pre-lockdown. (now its not used at all) Wondering if there's something cheaper out there? Ideally need three sims.
  3. xrapidx

    Software for attempting to recover SD Card

    Can anyone recommend software that actually works for recovering data off a SD Card? My wife just last about six months of toddler photos and videos (after months of me nagging to backup) - phone was giving issues - took the MicroSD card out the phone, popped in PC to finally do backup, and...
  4. xrapidx

    VLANs - Ubiquiti APs - OpenWRT fibre router

    I'm doing a bit of lockdown maintence, and removed a bar - I now only have one cable going to my fibre router, which I decided to flash with OpenWrt yesterday. (I initially had a guest wifi specific on this router, seperate to the APs) I then have 2x Ubiquiti APs serving wireless to the rest of...
  5. xrapidx

    Fibre to LAN question?

    Currently - my incoming fibre line is connected to the WAN port on my older ASUS DSL-AC52U. The wifi is disabled as I don't use it. The whole setup is now on an open wall (minor renovations in progress) - with the asus router taking up quite a bit of space. I was wondering whether it would be...
  6. xrapidx

    UPS, Ubuntu 18.04 - help needed

    I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 on my docker server. I recently moved said server to where my NAS is - and put them on the same UPS - initially, the UPS (APC) was connected directly to the NAS, which allowed the UPS to trigger a shutdown event on the NAS when power is low. (Buffalo TeraStation -...
  7. xrapidx

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 360º Curved glass cover

    For Sale/Trade Template Item name (be very descriptive): Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 360º Curved glass cover Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not going to use Price: R275 Negotiable: No Location: Blouberg or Diepriver - Cape Town Shipping or...
  8. xrapidx

    Starting the process to go "off-grid"

    If I were to start going off-grid - with the final stage of being completely off-grid, would it be possible to buy one inverter, one set of batteries for said inverter, and one set of solar panels to keep the batteries charging. Powering just the circuits that can be off the inverter...
  9. xrapidx

    Telkom Mobile - no internet?

    Anyone else having issues, thought it was maybe the tower near work - but - just got home and still no internet. None of my devices have internet connectivity since about 11am. According to their website, I still have 30GB of my 30GB remaining.
  10. xrapidx

    Old fridge repairs

    Can any recommend a place in Cape Town that repairs old fridges? A google search on the relay returns a date of 1949 :eek: The first bout of loadshedding in December killed the thermostat. This week either the compressor or the relay has gone.
  11. xrapidx

    Garage door motor help - killed by load shedding?

    So this morning I woke up to a non-functioning garage door - thought it was the batteries, so swapped it out - but still not working. 1.) It works when the "manual" buttons are pressed on the board, so it rules out the motor, and it obviously gets "signal" from the board. 2.) The various lights...
  12. xrapidx

    PS3 Worth?

    Going to confirm everything is working this weekend - what would a fair price be for 1x PS3 80GB 1x PS3 Controller (working) 1x PS3 Controller (needs new battery) 2x Move Controllers 1x PS3 Cam 1x PS3 Time Crisis setup +- 15 games (GTA5, etc)
  13. xrapidx

    Vodacom dodgy behaviour, won't unsubscribe from services.

    My mom has been trying for weeks to unsubscribe from a daily service which charges R5/day. She's followed the unsubscribe process, called Vodacom who all but help - basically telling her its her problem, and she must unsubscribe. They're now staying with me for Christmas, and asked me to have...
  14. xrapidx

    IP Camera died during firmware update

    So, was busy doing a firmware update - unscheduled load shedding - now the camera doesn't work. Take it its now something for the bin? The camera comes online - sort of - it responds to pings on both wifi and ethernet, but - I can't connect to the actual camera via their shitty software...
  15. xrapidx

    Ubuntu 19.10 - edit files owned by root

    Can anyone help me out on running an app as sudo on Ubuntu 19.10? Trying to get Visual Studio Code to run as sudo, but - not coming right, google not helping much - everything I find refers to locations that don't exist, or don't have the required files.
  16. xrapidx

    SARS eFiling payment date?

    Can anyone confirm when the eFiling payment date is i.e. if you owe money? According to the SARS website, it's the end of January, as reflected on your IT34 - but - its not reflected on my IT34 - or any other of their documents. I owe R12,500 :(
  17. xrapidx

    Identify 0870569039

    Anyone know who this number is belongs to? Identified only as Spam on true caller. I've blocked it, but they're quite persistent, calling over 15x in the last two weeks - I've called back only to be greeted by a queuing system and then a dropped call.
  18. xrapidx

    Company administration costs

    Anyone with experience care to estimate the costs of the following, trying to help someone out. Registering a company Annual costs CIPC Return Cost Return costs, bookkeeping, etc. Any other costs? Brief background - company which will initially hold shares in another company - the shares...
  19. xrapidx

    Two dynamic DNS services - to one server

    Not sure where to post this. I'm hosting my home server with various services in docker, one of them being home-assistant as a subdomain: homeassistant.<mydomain> SSL/Reverse Proxy is done using this container: What I'd like to do...
  20. xrapidx

    Ubunto 18.04 server + docker + pihole : dhcp not working

    Im running as per the topic, but for the life of me, I can't get the PiHole DHCP server to issue IP addresses. Port 67 is configured with the PiHole container. Ufw has the port added for incommimg. Port 67 as listening on the host - but if I try telnet to the port from my desktop, I get...