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  1. ponder

    I'm livid!

    It really takes a lot to piss me off. Guy walks into the pub and starts shitting on his wife (newly wed from about a year ago). The bar staff tell him to **** off, next thing he latches onto me and a mate sitting next to his wife about who he's gonna fsck up first. A good night just got ruined...
  2. ponder

    69-year-old Dutchman starts legal bid to become 20 years younger
  3. ponder

    Win10 activation...

    Hmm, Win10 was upgraded from Win7 Pro years ago, activated and ran fine up until today... wtf?
  4. ponder

    Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over planned name change
  5. ponder

    SAA 'should be shut down', says Finance Minister Tito Mboweni
  6. ponder

    Trump’s birthright plan: The legality, politics and history
  7. ponder

    Tunis attack: Suicide bomber was jobless graduate Yeah right, when it comes to suicide bombings Muslims are in front of the line when it comes to suicide bombings.
  8. ponder

    Who is the carbonite mod that also frequents mybb?

    Can't remember who he is.
  9. ponder

    Ring of Elysium ?

    Anybody given this a try yet? Heard some good things about it, suspect won't be local servers though. Free to play on steam,
  10. ponder

    i7 4790

    Item Wanted: Intel i7 4790 (non-k) Packaging Essential: As long as it's protected. Desired Age: N/A Location: N/A Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: ~R1500 I'll cover the shipping.
  11. ponder

    Courier to Zimbabwe?

    Need to send a small package 500g to zim, who's got decent rates? Does not have to be overnight and can take a week or so, no rush. Locally I use internet express or courier guy, not sure if they do zim and what they charge...
  12. ponder

    UPS Sucks, so far...

    Had a package shipped from CA, USA on Friday, zero updates on their site. Called local UPS today asking what's going on and they said they would escalate. Now at least you see the package made it to Kentucky. Probably not as bad as Aramex but not even close to DHL.
  13. ponder

    Windows sound settings suggestion...

    I've always found windows sound to be on the soft side and settings limited compared to linux. My suggestion is to install, reboot after installation You will have to reinstall...
  14. ponder

    Posts per page view?

    Is there a setting I'm missing where one can increase the number of post displayed on a thread page? Seems to be less than the old vbulletin forum.
  15. ponder

    FU Engen Ballito!

    Frequented this place for years, got petrol there, car wash & food. Recently renovated, dumped bimbos and got barcelos BUT the mofos went halaal. So no more breakfast pitas with bacon. It's not like ballito has a muslim population to cater to. Go burn in hell, I'll no longer support you and...
  16. ponder

    Switch HD tv stick firmware?

    Looking for android 7.1.x firmware for one of these devices. Got a RK3188 soc running android 4.4.2
  17. ponder

    Vietnam sentences SA man to death for drugs
  18. ponder

    Conor Daly loses Lilly Diabetes sponsorship over remark his father made over 30 years ago
  19. ponder

    Big shoutout to Flashgear!!

    @Flashgear Was looking for a raplacement laptop for a good mate of mine and was looking at the inspirion specials on makro etc . Flashgear contacted me and made me a really good offer on a Lattitude model which I simply could not resist. The service was very prompt and personal. Thank you...