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  1. supersunbird

    More than 20 people killed in Limpopo crash
  2. supersunbird

    Help me understand Rain Mobile

    So one can get the uncapped 23:00 to 18:00 for R250pm, and then put a R50 limit on the on peak data (thus 50GB) and thus you pay R300 a month and there is no OOB?
  3. supersunbird

    32" on Openview HD for mom

    Looking for a 32" TV for my mom. Currently using a 74cm Samsung CRT linked to Openview HD decoder. Makro has a Sinotec Full HD 32" on special for R2800: Anyone have it? Any issues?
  4. supersunbird

    Wiring a day/night switch

    How do I wire one of these? I'm trying to help my elderly neighbour with a security light at their garage. Tried to wire it up but it didn't work. Cannot understand this diagram correctly: Anyone able to explain what I need to do clearly? That wire from the Load to N confuses the hell out...
  5. supersunbird

    FNB Easy account Tap and Go

    Just a question about the Tap and Go on FNB Easy account cards. Does one always have to enter the PIN no matter the value of the transaction? And is there no way to change that?
  6. supersunbird

    MTN sorry for billing mayhem MTN concedes billing problems
  7. supersunbird

    SARS/e-filing and rental income

    So I'm trying to do my e-filing but have a small snag. In august 2008 I bought place that I'm renting out. So I tick the Y box about recieving other income. Then I filled in the "Local business blah blah (incl, rental income)" sheet with my income from the tenants and then I filled in...
  8. supersunbird

    Who gets the engagement ring?

    Say a couple that has been engaged for 5 years breaks up. Who gets the engagement ring? Guy or girl? MODS: Some pollage please :)