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    With iOS 14, Apple embraces smartphone UX decisions Google made a decade ago
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    Huawei beats samsung to become world’s largest smartphone maker
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    Blues artist Lady A blasts Lady Antebellum for stealing her name: 'For them to not even reach out is pure privilege'
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    GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references
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    Going back to stage 4 on Wednesday the 10th WA message rumour (probably, most definitely fake news)

    Should we start a bet? I'll put down a tenner. Anyone else?
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    FastestVPN $18 (with $2 coupon) for Lifetime subscription of VPN with 10 Logins and coupon BFCM19 for $2 off.
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    What's with the remote managed router trend? When did this started happening?

    I can't even log in to change the Wifi SSID. Reset the router but they can't email me the PPPoE details without taking me through the whole quick setup and me having to enable remote management again. Guess they'll change the password as well again. Retarded. When did this "trend" started happening?
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    Tinder is down Can we just move to 2021?
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    Google Messages preparing end-to-end encryption for RCS messages
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    Xbox and Windows NT 3.5 source code leaks online
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    Mysterious new coronavirus outbreak hits China - 108 MILLION now back into lockdown
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    Cameroon pastor who claimed he could cure Covid-19, dies from virus
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    Organisation forced to stop doing what they have been for three years
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    Huawei has started to install Huawei Assistant and Smart Charge to old devices via software update
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    SAB begin supply disposal: 25 thousand litres of beer down the drain
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    EMUI received British Standards Institution privacy protection certificate, becomes the world’s first to obtain it
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    PS / Xbox games for free

    PS games for free:
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    Huawei Vision X65 TV launched, features 24MP Ultra Wide Angle camera, whopping 14 Speakers and more
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    Possible coronavirus drug identified