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  1. scudsucker

    Ancient electric gate error diagnosis, please

    Hey guys. I had a gentleman lift my electric gate off its rails with the intent to rob me. He was only marginally successful (he got a USB changer, and more irritatingly a USB-C cable, both left in my unlocked car - thanks wife) but when I put the gate back on the rails the motor is not...
  2. scudsucker

    Wiring audio jack

    I put this in PC Hardware and Gadgets as there is not really a better place for it - I would guess people here have decent electrical knowhow. I have a Tivoli Model One with a Model Two subwoofer. The subwoofer...
  3. scudsucker

    Have an interest in national security AND python?

    This is the course for you: The US NSA has released their set of tutorials.
  4. scudsucker

    Harman Kardon AVR158: no display

    Yesterday, my Harman Kardon AVR158 receiver was showing the display and the lights around the volume control. Today, the power indicator is working but the display, and LED on the volume control is not. It is still feeding music from my music centre to my speakers, and changing volume, so this...
  5. scudsucker

    Vumatel clearly has cash flow problems

    ... because they sent me an invoice 8 days ago for a fibre installation. During those 8 days, I have had five phone calls asking when I am going to pay. Yes, I get that the installation fee is payable immediately. But, Vumatel, if you send an invoice in the middle of the month, you might give...
  6. scudsucker

    PC Shell, free to a good home (CT)

    I have a tower, Chinese GPU, 4 (?)GB RAM, CD/DVD drive and mobo (plus chip & fan). No power supply. I have removed everything I can use to fix my other tower. Mobo was working... 5 years ago. Not tested since then... Small child photo bombing last pic not included.
  7. scudsucker

    DIY Paradox alarm: add another wireless sensor

    A delightful gentleman (of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, once) has taken the habit of scaling my wall and testing if the car doors are unlocked. My car, unfortunately, doesn't auto-lock, and last night I left it unlocked. My night visitor got away with around R5 in coins, but he threw...
  8. scudsucker

    Toyota Hilux: how to remove tailgate back panel

    I have a 2005 Toyota Hilux Raider D4D. The handle on the tailgate started becoming loose a while ago, but after a trip to the Cederberg one of the two bolts that holds it in place (from the inside) was vibrated out (the road between Algeria and Stadstal was pretty bad - though we passed a...