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    Twilight, Meet The Vuvuzela. 2 wrongs... And another
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    Facebook post aborts army raid

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    Semenya faces gender probe

    Looks like a guy...
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    Officials race in mayor's car

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    SA declares cholera emergency

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    Somalian pirates at it again.

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    Xbox - Tiger woods golf.

    So now I'm looking for a sports game and thinking of getting a golf one. Which version is the most arcade-like? ---- ie, just play and don't have to spend too much time tinkering around. Just been reading the boxes from TW 06, 07 and 08 and not interested in "advanced" tinkering ability...
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    XBox racing game

    Looking for a decent one, there seems to be may out there. The ones I liked from my pc days were Star Wars pod racer and Need for speed 2 (NFS's after that I didn't like). Don't like building, pimping and modding cars, just want a racing game where I can just race. Don't want to have to...
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    SAA shortage ups accident fears

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    Cash-strapped SA partying less

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    'Safe sex' man bites cobra back

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    Basic lesson: Microsoft listens to its users

    Still a few years to go, before Office is usefull on a Mac.
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    Man caught with 5 cellphones,,2-7-1442_2317316,00.html
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    Manto threatens food price cap