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  1. Lycanthrope

    Iran to Hang Rayhaneh Jabbari for Killing Man who Tried to Rape Her

    Source: IBTimes I don't have the words to describe how angry this sort of **** makes me...
  2. Lycanthrope

    Police Shoot and Kill Man Just 5 Minutes After He Makes a Cheerful Post on Facebook

    Source: The Free Thought Project This seems to be a daily occurrence out in the US.
  3. Lycanthrope

    Suburban Bliss

    I'm having an epic craving for good ol' South African sitcoms. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on this? Suburban Bliss seems to be impossible to find. I've also been hunting down Orkney Snork Nie and Vetkoek Paleis. I see they're available on Takealot at least. Would...
  4. Lycanthrope

    Satanic Panic: SAPS Edition

    Found this on Twitter; seems this was recently published so that would make it "news" and what with the latest onslaught of "occult-related" murders, I figure it's a current affair, so... enjoy...: Source: Sounds like being a teenager means...
  5. Lycanthrope

    [NSFW] Sweden's largest potato looks like Kate Winslet

    Some light-hearted news :) Source: The Local The drawing from Titanic, for reference: Although, frankly, I think it looks more like:
  6. Lycanthrope

    Curious cable internet problem... (Not for the faint of heart)

    First off, please don't hate me :p I have a 500Mbps cable connection, recently upgraded from 200Mbps. Unfortunately, I have a problem. One that seems to have stumped the Hell out of the locals and me... Before my upgrade, which required a new router, I was reaching 180Mbps on my...
  7. Lycanthrope

    Can a baby just burst into flames?

    Source: DailyMail :sick: Came across this today. Pretty bizarre story and an interesting theory.
  8. Lycanthrope

    Rocky Rocky - Kannata This "song" is in an advert 'round these parts. I can't tell if I like it or if I hate it. It may just be one of those annoying songs that if you listen to it enough times, it grows on you.
  9. Lycanthrope

    President Jacob Zuma is a tribalist: Malema

    Source: SABC Apart from the shoddy and thoroughly SABC standard of this article, I loved the first paragraph. Talk about projecting your own qualities onto others! :D
  10. Lycanthrope

    Point of PUK?

    So, dazed (as I occasionally am) I incorrectly put my PIN number in three times, requiring the PUK number. I look on my account page on the Vodacom website only to find that the mentioned PUK number is 100% incorrect. So, I ask my mother for her phone, dial 114 and this is where I just...
  11. Lycanthrope

    BT Games' Online Service Sucks

    As per thread title... I'm getting agitated with them. Their site sucks, their online purchasing mechanics suck and generally, I've been fine with that. However, there's something about e-mailing their and not receiving a response that annoys the hell out of me. I've been...
  12. Lycanthrope

    Chained dog dies as owners go away

    Source: News24 What kind of people have the lack of common humanity to commit such an atrocity? :/
  13. Lycanthrope

    Malema: Sexwale not a capitalist

    Source: IOL :D :D :D :D
  14. Lycanthrope

    Garforth-Venter tells of 'good robbers'

    Source: News24 Lucky indeed that they were robbed by the less bloodthirsty type. First time I've heard of someone being grateful for the character of robber they ended up with rather than simple outrage of it happening in the first place. I guess you get used to it.
  15. Lycanthrope

    DA's proposed amendment to LRA absurd - YCL

    Source: PolitcsWeb I lolled... hard! :D For the record, I completely support the existence of unions--they serve a necessary purpose. However, why should unions not be held accountable for damages caused and crimes committed by their very own strikers? Surely it's their responsibility to...
  16. Lycanthrope

    Irradiated Koeberg workers 'counselled'

    Source: TimesLIVE Okkkaaaay then.
  17. Lycanthrope

    Zimbabwe bars S.African pop group from performing

    Source: Google (Associated Press) Freshly Ground & ZANews - Chicken to Change I think it's an excellent song and I am in no way surprised by Zimbabwe's decision to ban them. Cowards.
  18. Lycanthrope

    Zuma's brood getting bigger?

    Source: IOL How many are too many? :erm:
  19. Lycanthrope

    DA Western Cape govt won't buy SABC news coverage

    Source: TimesLIVE Bwahahahaahaha! Go DA! Go Western Cape! Awesome! Now imagine what would happen if the ANC got to regulate the media :D
  20. Lycanthrope

    SAB 'irony' strikes Zille

    Source: News24 Yep, that's pretty ironic, alright.