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  1. Spizz

    iPhone 11 issue

    My wife has had an iPhone 11 for 5 months and has had a problem with it she has only just told me about. Basically some apps such as Instagram and her FNB banking app open and overlap into the status bar. It means for example that on Instagram she cannot see what she is typing because the first...
  2. Spizz

    Activate Vodacom VoWifi while overseas

    I read a post by @whatwhat on the eSim thread about a dual sim phone being able to have your sim 1 (Vodacom) using the data on an overseas local sim 2 as the WiFi and so enabling VoWifi all the time when travelling. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to activate VoWifi while I’m overseas? I...
  3. Spizz

    Android phone for Yoco

    Im an iphone user so can anyone suggest a cheap and cheerful Android phone with preferably a decent size battery that will run Yoco software? The cheaper the better so of it does go for a walk it won't be too painful to replace. Minimal storage required but I suppose it'll need a minimum 1gb RAM?
  4. Spizz

    The backfiring of the EFF’s attempt to rain on the Boks’ – and SA’s – parade
  5. Spizz

    Tapatalk want more money

    I bought Tapatalk lifetime subs for Android and iOS some years ago and have always had a VIP thing beside my name. Now this morning, on both my iPhone and my Samsung A50, I am being advised that my lifetime sub has ended and I am prompted to buy a monthly ongoing sub. To say I'm pissed of is...
  6. Spizz

    Is this a hate crime?

  7. Spizz

    High Court victory for Nkungumathe community - AfriForum
  8. Spizz

    Any labour lawyers about?

    There is a march in Hermanus today about local businesses hiring foreigners over South Africans. One organiser posted this... Is it, as I suspect, complete rubbish?
  9. Spizz

    Developers Encourage Piracy Over Using Key Reseller G2A

    Full story...
  10. Spizz

    Online Poker

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, but does anyone play online Texas hold em Poker on either the PC and/or phone? I enjoy the Zynga poker but it's all to easy to make silly moves when the game is slow, so I'm thinking about doing a low stakes game of say 2c/1c just to keep it...
  11. Spizz

    Zindzi Mandela racist tweet

  12. Spizz

    BotW 2 and Witcher 3 coming to Switch - E3 Nintendo Direct news

    Trailers and more... Super stoked for these two, especially BotW sequel. The Witcher 3 graphics look pretty good though considering the inevitable downscale, going to be interesting to see...
  13. Spizz

    41st anniversary of greatest WC goal ever

    Convince me otherwise :p
  14. Spizz

    Booking with Turkish Airlines

    I want to book flights from Cape Town to Turkey on Turkish Airlines website and I'm not getting the choice of ZAR as a currency. I'm in Indonesia just now and wonder if that is the reason, although there are a choice of about 20 different currencies so maybe not. I joined their miles program...
  15. Spizz

    Two dead one injured at Caledon protest action
  16. Spizz

    Entering SA as permanent resident

    A couple of questions for you bright people... Background - I am a permanent resident in South Africa. I have a British passport and a South African ID book which shows my ID number and which states that I am a permanent resident. I work overseas and fly in and out of SA every couple of months...
  17. Spizz

    Apple Mac Pro 2010

    I see a lot of old Apple notebooks still fetching (or at least asking for a decent price) second hand. So does an Apple Mac Pro 2010 still have a couple of years left in it if updated to latest OS? 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo 240GB SSD 4gb DDR3 GeForce 320M 256GB 13" 1280x800 And if still okay for a...
  18. Spizz

    Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft
  19. Spizz

    The end of Hermanus - video

  20. Spizz

    Manhunt for digger driver who ploughed into new hotel building