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    MTN's 5G network tested – Blisteringly fast speeds

    Any reason why I shouldn't be worried about congestion down the line? 4G was also blisteringly fast on day 1, and now it's kak.
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    The METAL Thread

    Have these been posted as yet? I'm glad Static-X is still going :)
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    Star Citizen

    As pretty and large scale the game was scoped to be, by the time it launches I think it will look and play pretty average. Not even sure they're bringing RTX into it, which may be a standard thing by then. If only they developed the game in chunks, adding more areas to the story, more systems...
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    Request : List of games which have South African servers

    I've been enjoying EFT lately and so happy we have local servers. :) Another one that might interest you guys is GTFO. Local host/lobby based, no need for servers.
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    New coronavirus stats in South Africa possible bad news for the lockdown

    Ah yes good ol' John Ross College. Had my share of the experience :ROFL::ROFL: Jeeze, back then the only entertainment was the new boardwalk shopping center and that was it! Wonder what it's like nowadays.
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    The 76TB man – South Africa’s biggest bandwidth hog in the lockdown

    I can't really think of many legal scenarios where that usage is plausible. Curious. I mean say if the power bill of a residential unit spikes tenfold inexplicably, of course you're going to be thinking meth lab or something :laugh: 2.5TB's a day? hmmm... Not even daily backups over a VPN will...
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    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    Who plays Apex since Warzone came out? :p
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    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    I play on a standard account. I just sell most things I loot. I consider the traders and flea market to be my stash at a premium :p Smaller stash doesn't bug me much, plus it can be upgraded in the hideout (though not easily, takes some work and progress). Smaller alpha container also doesn't...
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    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    Oh my bad, apparently its a fairly common rumor that was debunked. There's one former Stalker developer at Battlestate but that's it. source: I can only speculate that the rumor started due to the similar looking dilapidated Russian...
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    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    I believe it was inspired by Stalker, an old classic. There are various progression systems such as: - Light RPG elements - Player Hideout Upgrades - Quests - Trader leveling - Unlock areas via keys and other items located There's talk of a karma/reputation system and more gameplay elements in...
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    21-day nationwide lockdown announced for South Africa
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    Do you (still) go to the gym?

    I go to a private gym. They are taking precautions, being extra strict about watching that everyone washes hands when entering/exiting, cleans equipment etc... and they are keeping people up to date on the group chat. But I've only been once this week so far. Not sure if I will be stopping as a...
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    Dimension Data absorbs Internet Solutions

    Shifting pawns around and a lot of marketing fluff. Ultimately these moves usually make forkall difference to the end product/service and how things are conducted in the trenches. If anything the disruptions and complexity just increase. Good luck :sneaky: Disclaimer: I'm just generally overly...
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    Windows 10

    Yeah I think we tend to turn a blind eye for home use and very small businesses. Unfortunately in my line of work though, as a certified Microsoft partner who also does a fair bit of small business IT support, I have to be strict in all cases. Could lose my license and/or job so to speak :) So...
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    Windows 10

    When moving to Windows 10 I will typically recommend an SSD first if the rest of the hardware is fine. A lot of people don't know this though, but the "free" Windows 10 upgrade that is often mentioned on tech blogs is also technically not free and is illegal to do - even if it activates. So one...
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    Fixed-LTE router problems during load-shedding – What MTN says

    Bringing in a senior technician or engineer to spend hours/days to resolve an issue for a few customers isn't profitable. So until there are enough complaints to threaten their profitability they probably won't have a reason to care.
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    Vodacom coronavirus lockdown

    Coronavirus may one day protect us War of the Worlds style :P
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    Vodacom coronavirus lockdown

    Me? Yes, probably. I survived swine flu :) But I fear for others. Looks like this strain might be a little more dangerous for elders and so on.