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    Stop Router Redirecting Traffic To Itself When Connection Is Down

    So I have a load balancing router that will automatically switch WAN if it detects that 1 WAN is down - however the Huawei routers all redirect the traffic to themselves and load the page instead of the requested website when their connection is down. Is there a way to stop them from...
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    How African Internet Is Routed?

    Question is basically this. If someone in Mozambique or Angola tries to access a server based in South Africa. What route will the traffic take? Will it first be routed to Europe and then to South Africa or directly to South Africa? In addition what are countries on the west coast of africa...
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    Afrihost MTN Fixed LTE-A Thread

    Is there one yet? Should we create a dedicated one? So far the following routers are supported but it has been suggested that any Cat 6 and above router will work. ZTE MF286 Huawei B525 Huawei B612 Huawei B618 Trying it out in an unsupported device or mobile phone will result in it being...
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    E5885 LTE-A 4G+

    Has anyone managed to see the CA kick in on this device? I have tried MTN and Telkom and just see 4G when doing multitple speed tests - my phone shows 4G+ on both networks.
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    Summer Data deal first 7 days free SIM delivery R1 (was R100)

    Seems like they have made the BF deal standard for summer.
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    Axxess Cell C LTE Coverage Indicating MTN Roaming Coverage

    Why does only Axxess have access to the MTN roaming LTE coverage and not the others - Afrihost, Mweb, Webafrica etc? By comparison:
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    Cell C Giga 200 or Fixed line 20 gigs?

    So I have a choice between Cell C Giga 200 at R2000 lasting 365 days or Fixed line 20 gigs at R219 per month? Cell C Giga is R10/GB and Fixed Line is R11/GB Which offer better speeds/quality? Thanks.