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    Unifi Appiance issue

    I use a Unifi appliance for my home, been running it for over a year but now there is a issue, before I rebuild it anyone know how to fix this: Suppose to show IP and interface name, I can ping it, so it still has an ip of When I select 2 it just shows this: Here's the...
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    GTX 1060 6Gb or RX580 8Gb

    As per the title, which would you choose for 1080P gaming? Looks like RX 580 would be the better option? I haven't played games for 4 years, going to resurrect a old pc just to play some games.... Rest of the specs is Intel i7 4770, 16Gb ram, 3 x 240Gb ssd I see pleny on Carbonite of them...
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    Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm black

    Sold Item name: Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm black Age and condition: 3 months Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes, what's left of original Reason for selling: Not using it Price: R2500 Negotiable: No Location: Durbanville Shipping or collection: Yes, postnet to postnet you pay Like new...
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    Unifi Security Gateway Questions

    Can one block torrents and adult material with this device? Looking for a cheapish entry level firewall that can block torrents, porn and vpn connections, will be used for a guest wifi network. Just want to see if we can use something cheaper than a Fortigate 30E seeing it's for guests only.
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    Veeam Reporting wrong Datastore space

    Anyone ever came across where Veeam reports a Datastore free space wrong? So this one has 10Gb free yet Veeam shows 3.4Tb free... so replication fails saying not enough space.... : On VMWare: Aslo browsing the datastore shows nothing on it
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    Update software (Keepalived) on Ubuntu

    I installed Keepalived on two Ubuntu servers and setup VRRP, but I see the version of Keepalived is old and has some issues, so have to upgrade How does one upgrade to the latest, any easy command? Nothing in the documentation nor any google results on how to do it... I know nothing about...
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    Huawei E5885 Mobile Wifi Pro 2

    So I bought this device after looking at this article... Thanks for putting in the wrong specs, it's not a 5Ghz wifi device anymore.... it's only 2.4Ghz I did do my homework, even...
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    How to cancel pre order with Telkom, seems impossible

    Took a pre order package from Telkom, but now want to cancel. Spent hours on the phone yesterday with no luck, seems it's impossible to cancel a pre order, anyone else had any luck canceling one before?
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    Recomended Unifi Controller Server

    I want to move my controller software from a Windows pc to a VM, preferably Linux, busy downloading this ovf template Anyone used that specific one before? Any other recommendations for building one in in your...