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  1. SaiyanZ

    Vodacom LTE connection switches off every day at mignight

    Not sure if Vodacom is aware of this or if they are and they think it is ok to turn off the service for whatever reason. For the last 5 days in a row my Vodacom LTE connection turns off at exactly midnight for 5 to 10 minutes. It eventually comes back on but I'm sometimes doing crucial work...
  2. SaiyanZ

    US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal

    Not sure why this isn't big news.
  3. SaiyanZ

    Vodacom LTE random no throughput

    I got a Vodacom LTE sim last month. Speeds are great and when it works it works great. What is up with the random loss of internet though, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes more? I still have full bars on my router when this happens. It doesn't happen often, or I'm not online at home...
  4. SaiyanZ

    Which online PC hardware stores accept crypto?

    Is there a way to know which stores accept crypto? I know that if they use Payfast as the payment mechanism you can use Bitcoin to pay. You can do this with Takelot for example. In the past I bought stuff from Wootware and Rebeltech using cash but would like to do a full PC...
  5. SaiyanZ

    Making BTC payments with Payfast

    So I tried to purchase something earlier today and saw Bitcoin as a option for payment via Payfast. Only issue was that they needed confirmation in 10 minutes and Bitmex only does withdrawals once a day at 13:00 UTC. So I ended up just paying in cash. How do people get around this when making...
  6. SaiyanZ

    Telkom data bundle recharge

    So my Telkom data bundle has been depleted. Normally I just buy another 10gb using as it doesn't use data to access it. It's not working now though. Just says no internet... How can I buy another data bundle when I can't access the site to buy it?
  7. SaiyanZ

    Clutch starting to slip

    So the clutch is starting to slip on my 2005 350z. Think it needs to be replaced, now at 135k kms. What would you guys recommend? Doing it at a Nissan service centre or finding a specialist mechanic. I see new clutch kits can be bought for around R7k. So around double that for the fix should...