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  1. Nod

    Script will not run in sql.

    In which editor have you edited the script? Seems like a line termination issue (\n vs \n\r).
  2. Nod

    Ineos Grenadier - the “no-nonsense 4×4 vehicle for the world”

    I felt that it would provide good information as it comes directly from the INEOS YT channel. Abzo can cream his pants as much as he like, as long as he licks it clean in private :)
  3. Nod

    Expect to pay much more for electricity after R69-billion blunder by Nersa – Report

    How can they recover bailout money? Tax payer give them money, and must now pay them to recover that money? How does this logic work?
  4. Nod

    Used 2010 (3rd Gen) Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi Auto

    Yeah, the discovery's can be costly to keep running. In the end you have to do your homework.
  5. Nod

    Used 2010 (3rd Gen) Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi Auto

    The Freelander 2 is very reliable. I drive a 2010 model and have minimal issues. Age is obviously showing but spares are cheap. Have not experienced any breakdowns at all.
  6. Nod

    Used 2010 (3rd Gen) Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi Auto

    I would personally also look at the Freelander 2. Solid cars and plenty of independent service options. My father used to drive the Kia Sportage, but services was not as cheap as he thought. Kia's service in general also did not impress. Failing to fix things, etc.
  7. Nod

    UIF fraud investigated after R5.7 million paid to a single person and reportedly ‘funnelled to friends’

    The solution is simple, just declare all government financial transactions top secret. No more audits. /s
  8. Nod

    USB Wifi Adapter (Kali Linux) I have the Cisco/Linksys AC1200, which also seems to work. Slightly dated though i.t.o. HW features.
  9. Nod

    GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references

    Offence is taken, not given. If you find offence in a word that describes the relationship between different hardware or software processes, then you have the problem.
  10. Nod

    DStv plans to become a one-stop-shop with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube

    The next step is to change their decoder into a Android TV certified device and drop the satellite tuner.
  11. Nod

    Telkom selfservice dashboard - Device used

    When I log into the Telkom selfservice dashboard, it still shows my previous phone. How do I get it to update to my new phone which have been in use for a year?
  12. Nod

    George Floyd death

    You just don't like my answers, which is why I'm asking what it is you think. You are not debating anything, just repeating the same questions over and over. What a waste ...
  13. Nod

    George Floyd death

    See post above yours. Instead of wasting time, why not just come out and say what you think?
  14. Nod

    George Floyd death

    I'm talking about political opposition, or are you referring to the shop owners getting their businesses torched?
  15. Nod

    George Floyd death

    From the article: So basically a movement by communist parties to stamp out the opposition?
  16. Nod

    HP ProLiant MicroServer See page 31 of here: