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    Windows 10 - Tascam US-144 MkII

    Rather annoyed, just bought a new computer with WIN10 installed. Just tried installing the drivers for my Tascam US-144 MKII, audio interface. Straight install does not work, Win8 compatibility does not work, Win7 compatibility does not work. Works on my Laptop with WIN8.1 installed. Ideas...
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    Upgrade 10mbps to 20mbps - Telkom

    I currently pay R825.00 a month for 10mbps Unlimited Home ADSL. If I upgrade to 20mbps Telkom Elite xDSL, how much more a month, can I expect to pay. From my account I am being charged for 3 components. This excludes the R207.00 voice line as this is for amount of R371.00, or does it? Am...
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    Lock Down - Obtaining a Telkom SIM

    How does one get a Telkom SIM card and get it RICA'ed during the current lock down?
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    DSTV Now - Chromebook

    Does DSTV Now run on a Chromebook, and are there any specific models to get or avoid. Considering buying one of these, and if DSTV Now and NetFlix could be viewed on it, would be a big plus, in favor of it.
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    Windows 10 File Extension Issue

    Got a new computer at church, which has Windows 10 installed. We use Opensong Ver. 2.2.7 for lyrics projection. This saves the lyric files as XML files without an extension. Windows 10 in its infinite wisdom has now appended the "html" extension to these files. Opensong now no longer...
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    B618s-22d or B618s-65d?

    See Takealot are offering both of the above versions of Huawei B618 routers. Which one is the better choice for local use, with Telkom Fixed-LTE?
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    Dropped Calls ?

    The last while I have been getting calls from 011, 031, 021 and 087 numbers. These calls ring about 5 times and the are "dropped", if you answer fast enough, the connection gets dropped within 2 seconds. What's up with this annoying occurrence.
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    All Text Files In Directory Content to Uppercase

    I have a directory, of *.xml files ( Lyrics for Church projection Program ) the lady who does the Lyric Projection, is insisting she wants the Lyrics to be in all uppercase, and all my arguments, against this have fallen on deaf ears. My Google Foo, for finding a solution to this issue, has not...
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    CCTV Network and Internet

    Putting in a CCTV setup at Complex, will be getting Fibre soon. Currently NVR is connected to my ADSL router ( D Link Adsl 225G ). I want to separate the CCTV camera network from my home network, by installing a second router at the NVR, and then connecting to it from my router. My router...
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    Telkom SIM in Vodacom R218 mif-fi router

    Are there any issues using a Telkom Data SIM in a Vodacom R218 mi-fi router, and if so what are the solutions. Thanks
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    Telkom - Landlines being obsoleted?

    Got a call from a lady, says they are doing away with copper land lines, end of April, and they want to give us LTE phones, to replace our current copper lines. They did not consider our ADSL line, and lady was not very knowledgeable. Seems a bit dodgy to me, but heck, what do I know. Is it...
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    Load Shedding - whats needed to keep watching

    Getting rather pee'ed of with load shedding, disrupting my after work evening relaxation. What am I going to need UPS or similar to keep my 55 inch TV, Mi-Box, router, and a background light bulb running for 3 hours, no, make that 4-5 hours to build in a wee bit of Murphy proofing. Besides...