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  1. saor

    IR Thermometer accuracy

    Been playing with one and I'll sometimes scan someone twice and the second time the reading is one degree higher (32, then 33). Is this normal and everyone using these things has devices with readings that fluctuate or is this likely a bad unit? This one:
  2. saor

    What happened to the Afrihost reps?

    Haven't seen any responses from them in a few days. Still around or what's up?
  3. saor

    Ice inside my fridge

    Have a Defy 294L fridge / freezer combo (freezer is the smaller compartment at the bottom). There's been ice building up inside the fridge and everything slowly freezes. Have turned temp all the way to lowest (warmest) setting and still water freezes and ice remains. Seal seems ok. Kinda...
  4. saor

    Fiat deposits & withdrawals with FNB & Luno

    Haven't moved fiat into / out of crypto for a few months and missed some of the Luno / FNB stuff. My current setup for ZAR is still Luno & FNB. Is that still ok for fiat deposits into Luno? Is that still ok for fiat withdrawals from Luno? (I've got a Binance account so if fiat is easier that...
  5. saor

    Amazon VP [Tim Bray] Resigns, Calls Company ‘Chickenshit’ for Firing Protesting Workers
  6. saor

    Alternative to the media manager in Chrome

    Any extensions that can replace this with a few more options? This thing is useful but it's this tiny little icon in the corner and I'd prefer something that has hotkey access & maybe also pops up centered in the window.
  7. saor

    The bad character animation in these trailers...

    There must be a good reason why the animation of the faces is so bad in these trailers. Everything else looks fine - the environment, the action sequences are decent - but their faces look so wooden and stiff that it seems like animation from the year 2000 or something. Most in-game cut-scene...
  8. saor

    Hospital seeking N95 masks / material

    Ja I know this is an absurdly long shot but have a friend working at Groote Schuur hospital and they could really do with more N95 rated masks. If anyone has and is willing to donate please let me know. These will be passed on directly to them. Can still collect today if in CPT.
  9. saor

    Google layout change?

    Eh. Something about it reminds me of Altavista, the way the text is displayed. Backwards in time.
  10. saor

    Ad Astra [Spoilers]

    Watched it last night, finished and thought "kinda cool". Then woke up & thought "wtf was that?". Part of the problem is it comes across like a serious space movie where there's an attempt at space realism. But everything along the way seems so absurd. Yeah, I know it's 'just a movie', and most...
  11. saor

    [DC animated] Harley Quinn

    Nice change from the usual DC animated stuff, probably the most bonkers thing DC has done & I hope they do more like this. The humor is good, the banter between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy is cool. Trailer is kinda spoilery. Episode 1 opening... Lol @ Frank the plant
  12. saor

    Afrihost fixed LTE pricing question

    Been chatting to an a/h rep but I'm not understanding the price structure here. Maybe someone who's signed up can help. The Afrihost fixed LTE email states: If I go to the signup page, there's two options: R199 sim only R249 sim + device I don't understand what the R249 is for when all I...
  13. saor

    [AH mobile] Lack of airtime rollover / lack of smaller topups

    This is annoying. If I buy an airtime bundle now it expires tomorrow. Which means whenever its month end and I'm out of airtime I need to buy via some other channel (fnb etc.) that allows smaller amounts to be purchased. Why not at least just offer smaller topup amounts then so I can do all...
  14. saor

    Blender 2.8 is out

    2.8 is officially out! If you're interested in 3d modelling, sculpting, rendering, uv editing and all things cg - I think it's fair to say blender is one of the best free apps ever made. Over the years its various components have felt a bit disjointed, but it...
  15. saor

    Car service Southern Suburbs / CBD

    Have been using Goch & Cooper who've been amazing but it's a bit of a schlep getting out there. Any other places southern suburbs, cbd etc. that are good? Things I like about Goch & Cooper: * Always communicate before going ahead with anything costly or above the standard service. * Courtesy...
  16. saor

    Luno Beta

    Activated beta mode - all that changes is the navigation interface? I can't get my head around why your charts and trading options are stuck in crude mode? Do you not want to update it, do you prefer it as simple as possible? No, those aren't advanced charts. They're as basic as it gets...
  17. saor

    [Wanted] Village bicycle

    Looking for a cheap old mountain bike or fixie (no racing bikes). Just something I can ride down the road with so not really looking to spend much at all. If I can get something for under R1000 that'd be cool. Cape Town Southern Suburbs
  18. saor

    Clientzone Usage Graph unavailable

    Been like this for over two weeks now... Not sure if just me or the same for everyone.
  19. saor

    DSTV question (streaming service)

    Get bent. This isn't for me. Have a neighbor that's got certain channels missing they can't fix but the question is - does DSTV offer a digital streaming service they can use instead of their hardline; a streaming service for all their channels like netflix?
  20. saor

    Sub R3000 / cheaper phones

    I'm sure there was a thread for something like this? Currently looking at Xiaomi Redmi 6A 16GB (R1500) or the Huawei Y5 Prime 16GB (R2000). Any thoughts on quality differences or suggestions for another decent phone in this price range? Camera probably most important but not really too...