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  1. ReeceDBN031

    Uncapped telkom LTE simcard

    Hi guys looking for an uncapped LTE simcard deal if anyone is trying to get rid of mine due to maybe upgrading to fibre, 5g ETC ETC PLEASE hit me up if you may have anything! I am in Durban but i do know a guy at Telkom eastgate who could help us out Edit: Will pay for shipping to get sim...
  2. ReeceDBN031

    Which console? lets see whos keen on which!

    Ok guys, so we have all been given ideas on the new gen consoles coming end 2020. Its simple... pick your poisen??
  3. ReeceDBN031

    PS4 console repair query

    Hi there guys So a buddy of mine has tasked me in fixing a dead PS4 slim. Blue light of death apparently. So i have googled and found the washer fix which helps putting pressure on the APU for it to make proper contact, Now obviously this would only be for that problem itself, The crappy...
  4. ReeceDBN031

    Samsung A30s for sale

    Item: Samsung Galaxy A30s Contract or Cash phone: Unwanted upgrade phone Age: New / Sealed Price: R4100 or swap (PS4) Warranty: Yes probably as its new Packaging: Yes sealed Condition: Brand new Location: Durban KZN. Reason: Have a decent phone already Shipping: Yes risk and cost on you...
  5. ReeceDBN031

    Umbilo and surroundings fibre - Show some interest

    Hi there Guys and girls From Umbilo in KZN, Anyone near or in the area please hop onto Vumatels website and show some interest please? We only have 26% interest shown. Im sure we can all help eachother out??
  6. ReeceDBN031

    MTN upgrade advice

    Hi there Guys and Gals so i am due for an upgrade in Feb was thinking of going for the P20pro as the phone i wanted was the mate 20 pro is apparently "out of life" Any other options i should consider? Its going for R499 business xs or something, they will offer me 2gig extra data or something...
  7. ReeceDBN031

    Best way to cancel via Mweb?

    Hi guys so story is short, basically cable theft and apparently telkom wont replace it. So i want to cancel with them so i can possibly move over to afrihost LTE either MTN or Telkom. Fault came through end of Nov. Now they say if i log a cancelation we will still be billed as it doesnt show...
  8. ReeceDBN031

    Help me choose a TV box?

    Hi all Soooo as it states.. i am looking for a TV box. We are 2 and a half at home. i have a 39inch hisense non smart TV(If it helps) Currently have Telkom LTE 40gig 20night. Huawei B525 router but will likely upgrade next year to more data as i am aware TV box will eat data.. Now i found...
  9. ReeceDBN031

    LTE antenna, is this ok?

    Hi Guys.. so was browsing ebay and stumbled apon these.. impulse got best of me and i swiped and paid.. Anyone using one of these antennas?? if so.. do they work.. how do you mount? is it outdoor? weather proof? Any other info is appreciated...
  10. ReeceDBN031

    A good 10.1 tablet??

    Hi there everyone. As the title states.. i need your input on a good tablet for my mother. shes getting older and her eyesight aint the greatest.. so she now wants a tablet.. She currently owns a P8 lite 2nd gen
  11. ReeceDBN031

    Resetting power windows?!?

    Hi there Guys and Gals So i drive an Mg 6 sedan 1.8T .. i have recently had battery issues.. and now my drivers window is fonky...? Like it will go all the way down.. but when i try bring it up it only does so in small intervals.. no one touch anymore...? ALLLLL the other windows are fine...
  12. ReeceDBN031

    Car sounds stuff??

    Hi everyone. Juuuust thought id try this route.. anyone have any old car audio goodies laying around? willing to purchase or trade even? have a B315 LTE router i am looking for a 2ch or 4ch amp. anything else is a bonus i guess? lol I am in the Durban area. lemme know if you have anything thanks
  13. ReeceDBN031

    Huawei b315 lte router

    Good day For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): Huawei b315 lte router Age and condition: New (In box, only opened to test) Do you include packaging: Yes, in its box Warranty: don't know really Reason for selling: have another router I use Price: R900 onco Negotiable: Yes Location: Durban...
  14. ReeceDBN031

    Budget smart watches (gt08 dz09 etc)

    Hi guys just wanna know, anyone have any of these "budget smart watches".. which one do you have? what are they like? pros and cons ? are you happy Let me know please :)
  15. ReeceDBN031

    Telkom Lte deals?

    Hi there everyone!!! please post what lte deals you are using... Location: Deal: Speeds: Are you happy with it? thanks guys, looking for some Lte after I got my B315.
  16. ReeceDBN031

    Cell C Lte - Durban.. yes or no?!!?!?

    Hi everyone, so I am contemplating getting myself Lte, and Cell c seems to be the most reasonable... anyone here in Durban happy with the service or should I not bother? Please help, speed pics and all are good too. also your area please!?