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  1. PeterPan420

    Angular Routing

    Yes that's a solid article but I always recommend going through the main documentation first:
  2. PeterPan420

    The PC Build Thread

    You will wait until early next year. The high ends come first for a while
  3. PeterPan420

    iPhone 9 / SE 2 South African Release Date & Price

    iPhone 11 Pro Max is 40k? What the hell
  4. PeterPan420

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet WD Blue 1TB - R690
  5. PeterPan420

    Apple deals blow to app developer revenue stream

    I'd imagine after 60k posts you'd be used to the terrible headlines here :sneaky:
  6. PeterPan420

    PS5 Officially Revealed.

  7. PeterPan420

    SuperSport announces big changes for live sport on DStv

    That's what I expected too with such a article title. Big changes my ass
  8. PeterPan420

    The PC Build Thread

    Why is that happening
  9. PeterPan420

    Sea of Thieves

    It just came out on Steam for R219. Way cheaper compared to MS store
  10. PeterPan420

    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    What does self issued permit mean?
  11. PeterPan420

    GTX1660 TI vs RTX2060 It's down to whether you want RTX or not
  12. PeterPan420

    The PC Build Thread

    How does it look:sneaky:
  13. PeterPan420

    Social visits “absolutely not allowed” under Level 3 lockdown

    What a well coordinated government :)
  14. PeterPan420

    Is it possible to change Fiber ISP without a break in service?

    Buy a 1 week data bundle and go through with it already:mad:.
  15. PeterPan420

    Is There a (good) General Software Store like Steam?
  16. PeterPan420

    The PC Build Thread

    are you batman
  17. PeterPan420

    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    You can't
  18. PeterPan420

    New Microsoft Edge