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    The PC Build Thread

    I got my hopes up to buy this PC and then my wife's birthday came up so I bought her a new PC instead. LOL, yes **** happens, all good though. In hindsight I believe that her new PC is ample fast for my needs and the above wish list is a bit over the top but will certainly consider getting an...
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    The PC Build Thread

    ^^^^ Come here and make us all jealous. Drool, great components. Going to fly with that M2 drive. Couldn't find a Warranty term on the PSU, I personally only choose those PSUs that have a 5 Year minimum warranty.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Also not natural to pave around trees, creates abnormal root development. Winter is not over yet. The worst winters are those that drag on through September, October and even into November. I recall circa 1996/7, 26 days of rain in September alone which carried on with intermittent cold fronts...
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Edited my post above, it was actually 51mm that fell here at my spot in Cape Town, I forgot that I threw out Friday's 15mm from my rain gauge. 15+36 = 51mm. Good rains, thank you man upstairs, all welcome.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    While we had some strong winds and flooding across the Cape, I only measured 51mm across the two days. Good rain and welcome thank you, but the way people report on social media you would think we were hit by a huge storm. What I see is blocked drains, broken branches and the odd tree that falls...
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    The PC Build Thread

  7. BTTB

    The PC Build Thread

    Help me build my AMD PC. Case - Undecided. Recycling sons old Antec 900, my first option. Power Supply - 660W Fractal Design. 10 Year Warranty. CPU - Ryzen 3600. Third generation, bang for buck. RAM - G-Skill 2 x 16Gb Graphics Card - Galax Geforce GTX 9700. Recycling sons old card. Storage -...
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    Investors ready to put billions of rands into South Africa: Ramaphosa

    Money/Capital is but only one side of the investment/development and the easy part of the equation. The actual work starts when implementing that Capital on worthwhile plans/projects and then finding reliable and honest Building Contractors who can put your vision to work, while employing...
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    Help to grow an inclusive economy - Ramaphosa tells white South Africans

    Seeing that Government insists on continuing with BEE and AA, there should also be a new BEE'D/AA'D category brought into our legislation, where those that have gained their foothold into the economy due to their BEE/AA privilege should stand back and be stamped BEE'D or AA'D having gainfully...
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    We tested Standard Bank's Virtual Card system - and it was awesome

    Standard Bank offered us Snapscan the other day but they want 3% commision across the board for debit or credit cards, I said no thank you. Possibly one of the reasons it never took off, merchants didn't adopt due to cost.
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    Cool Ideas or Supersonic?

    Do you think it will help "some" people to simply go outside and look at the number inside the box before clicking the coverage map? Its possible when the trenches were dug and the boxes were installed the person with the plan had his own set of street numbers which in some instances vary...
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    Cool Ideas or Supersonic?

    Two other ISP's couldn't install my fibre line, Afrihost came to the party. Its sometime more complicated, my son made orders with other ISPs before we went to Afrihost, but we had to cancel the two previous orders to get there. Also the street number was a big issue for us and the number we...
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    Wife snagged two cartons for R1500 today, I had to pay. I'm a non smoker but live with 2 smokers and am sympathetic to their vice. Wife has smoked since she was a teenager, I could only imagine how cranky she would be if she didn't get her fix, I would have to live with the consequences of a...
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    Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20+ - Ultimate smartphone showdown

    I'm not paying R20K for a phone, sorry.
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    ADSL lifetime

    If I could have got 40Mb VDSL I wouldn't have bothered with fibre. We had our 50/5Mb FTTH installed yesterday, cabling and connection. Yes it's faster than our previous 10Mb ADSL but the speed varies considerably. Found the Capped Openserve ADSL Pro packages were the charm. Maybe a capped...
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    ANC accused of using COVID-19 to seize control in the Western Cape

    I roll my eyes too, but more a case of I cannot visualise it happening. The Cape is too great a prize for the ANC to simply give away. The Government could literally give the minority groups a piece of land in the Karoo as their independent homeland and it will prosper, whatever the ANC...
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    ANC accused of using COVID-19 to seize control in the Western Cape

    Unfortunately the ANC Politicians won't feel anything. They live in plush leafy suburbs away from the daily strife facing the majority of their voters. President Ramaphosa's home in Cape Town for example resides on the side of Lions Head, a DA Ward. The sad part of the actual "Karma" facing many...
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    Has lockdown killed your car's battery?

    My 7-year old bakkie's battery died of old age, replaced it just before Level 4 began.
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    Investing 100k

    If you have a Bond, place the 100K in there. Or take the 7% from the Bank, any other investment advice would be reckless imho.
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    Fibre for our Business/Home

    Edit: Deleted original post Reason: Sorted by Vuma and Afrihost