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  1. jammio

    Data leak on UIF coronavirus relief scheme website

    ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. The system returned: (60) Operation timed out The remote host or network may be down...
  2. jammio

    Windows 10 update found to delete personal files

    OMG ok so I have had an issue recently like this. I'm watching series on Media Player Classic. A notification pops up. I click "close". The file I'm watching gets deleted to the recycle bin.
  3. jammio

    Google working on its own smart debit card

    "The platform is not available in South Africa, however. "
  4. jammio

    Any Financial Advisors types here ??

    ceteris paribus: If you don't need the cash then you probably shouldn't consider selling now... and it sounds like you've had them a while and are fine without the cash. this obviously varies by what is actually in these portfolios.
  5. jammio

    TymeBank launches “Zion Church” bank account

    This is strange to say the least
  6. jammio

    Nokia 7 plus

    Thanks guys I grabbed a few for family
  7. jammio

    Tyres for a Golf

    Was left front wheel bearing. VW wanted over 3k for the part and to charge 4k labour. Goldwagen + CV joint specialists = R1300
  8. jammio

    Tyres for a Golf

    Ok so it turns out it isn't the tyres making the noise- maybe bearing..? taking it in on Monday. Its a golf 7 highline the 103 kw one. I put a set of pirelli p7. they're 225/45/17 for those who asked sounds better than it was but its now obvious there's something else causing the noise. its...
  9. jammio

    Tyres for a Golf

    Debating whether to go with michelin primacy 4 or save a few bucks and choose between pirelli p7 and something else. I bought the car with Radar tyres on which are (what i think is what is) sounding kak. And they're like 80% life
  10. jammio

    Cell C explains why it is shutting down fixed-LTE
  11. jammio

    IS/CellC is shaping fixed LTE traffic but keeping Speedtests fast so you don't notice

    Hi @Cell_C please note that you've lost me as a customer as of this month because of this ****. Thanks
  12. jammio

    Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 vs Samsung Galaxy A50

    "It should be noted that for this higher price, you do get an OLED display, in-screen fingerprint sensor, IP68 water and dust resistance, and the ability to use Samsung Pay. " Source for IP68 rating?
  13. jammio

    IS/CellC is shaping fixed LTE traffic but keeping Speedtests fast so you don't notice

    Im thankfully having fibre installed in my building so i can finally get out of this nightmare. netflix "loading 99% " on the chromecast then streaming in 480p or something. Got it in feb. Dumping it.
  14. jammio

    Nokia 7 plus

    You come right? Mention city next time!
  15. jammio

    Joburg estate bans Uber and Uber Eats drivers

    3 pages of comments and no one mentioned this: "contacted by a reader who told us that the body corporate of their Johannesburg complex had banned ride hailing services including Uber, Uber Eats, and Bolt. " So one dude, one estate. Further down the article : "MyBroadband asked Uber to...
  16. jammio

    Nokia 7 plus

    alpha? 031 3097670
  17. jammio

    How much it costs to draw R1,000 from an ATM - Bank fees compared

    Have experienced this in durban a number of times
  18. jammio

    Nokia 7 plus

    It's the fantastic kind