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    Checkers launches new rewards programme

    No, but plan on doing so in future. I sent in a request to cancel and they sent me a government gazette form from 14 December 2018 which I had to fill out to remove my personal information. A lot may be just standard legalese but the terms and conditions had me ceding and consenting to stuff I...
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    Checkers launches new rewards programme

    I wanted some food and did not realise that the items was discounted for reward cards holders. I looked at the terms and conditions and am appalled. It was a moment of weakness on my part that I take responsibility for. I wish I had given a fake name, ID and contact details. Hopefully they will...
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    Amazon Prime Video worth it?

    Was BTTF dubbed in an Indian language? I have found a few sites with dubbed releases. There is an Indian movie that I have been looking for. Mouna Ragam from 1986. It is on YouTube on potato quality without subtitles and also watermarked and cropped. Perhaps someone can confirm the quality if...
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    24 versus 36 months - The total price of smartphone contracts

    Still on my Note 4 from Nov 2014, and only minor reasons to get a more recent device. It was R500/month for two years. If I wanted and needed an updated OS and later phone I would get a mid range phone every year. Sell it after a year and the get the current year's latest mid range. No need...
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    SA banks face deepest profit slump in half a century

    So that means they have never ever made a loss? Sheesh!
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    UIF COVID-19 fund has paid out R16.5 billion so far

    I have not got paid as yet, FNB staff member got paid on Saturday, and 3 Capitec employees this morning. Standard bank and ABSA awaiting. The delay is costly esp for the poor. Me I can put stuff on my credit card and pay it. The poorer employees have to wait for the weekend to go shopping and...
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    Coronavirus: Donald Trump 'terminates' relationship with World Health Organisation

    Thanks. But if my neighbour or enemy is spitting in my face, I would rather it be a healthy hawk. Their health is not my responsibility, but is in my interests.
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    UIF COVID-19 fund has paid out R16.5 billion so far

    We did May the morning it opened up before 7.20am. Have not been paid yet and the employees do not show up in the save list for May. We clicked the only applicable buttons but still keep wondering if we did anything wrong.
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    Book publishers sue Internet Archive for Open Library piracy

    I wish. I am savvy enough but could not find the clicks to download complete digital copies. I had to read it off the screen and then return it. The book I found probably would have had less that 100 views over the last 10 years, it was basically an obscure thesis that hit a note with me, whilst...
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    Data leak on UIF coronavirus relief scheme website

    Strange, I thought it was a feature. Until the ID numbers was implemented we used it to help a few people with shady employers to prove that the company was either paid out Rx and should not have been delaying the transfer to the beneficiary. Or to backtrack from the DoL PDF file to explain (...
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    Company retaining UIF payments?

    According to this site (the article was published in newspaper) employers cannot topup the shortfall. According to and the DOL FAQ page 7 examples of an example of an employee on R18640.76 - an employee receiving R0 from the company and...
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    Songs That Take You Back

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    Awesome Raspberry Pi projects you can build at home

    Pulled out my original Pi (256MB, Model B) from the drawer yesterday. OS was from 2013, 2 USB ports shared with LAN port, 700Mhz single core. I wonder if the latest Raspbian supports it, and what useful things I could do with it. Found my Pi3B fallen under the vacuum cleaner, must have been...
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    Pay R3m or retract! Scare for Joburg dad who accused Spar of hiking prices

    I am still pissed that in the days preceding the lockdown I went to Shoprite and grabbed 10Kg rice and paid about R110 for it. If I had shopped around first I would have learnt that it was R87-R95 at the various other stores in my area, which included PicnPay and Spar. I don't know what...
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    South Africa’s strange COVID-19 case numbers

    Although there are a lot of variables, we are pretty comparable to New Zealand in these rates. It would be interesting to see the other countries with the similar climate as ours compared, although these variables that always have to be weighed. For example Australia will have a larger...
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    55 people arrested for breaking South Africa’s lockdown rules

    My idiot brother, who came from work last night at 11 and woke early before 5AM finishing his only 2 bottles of Jack Daniels, stepped out of the yard* at 7:30PM with 2 bottles of beer in hand ... is very fortunate that the SAPS left without him. He mentioned our fictitious DVR camera still...
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    Are you prepared for the 21-day national lockdown?

    I'll be buying more baked beans, think I need many dozens but not for me. Living in the edge of a neighbourhood bordered by a poorer township. Bread will be my problem, I need to go out every 3 days, unless I buy flour and make chapati.
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    21-day nationwide lockdown announced for South Africa

    Noticed Checkers/Shoprite prices ... very much elevated compared to PicNPay and Spar who were on the regular pricing on items, mostly. Too bad I did not port or get a MTN Sim, I am on Telkom and likely to lose contact with many people due to the roaming with Vodacom being kak. Just recently...
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    Football banter thread

    City can have our CL spot for next season. They can give us the full 3 points from our fixture to seal it mathematically.
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    Football banter thread

    It sure is confusing to see how satisfied some United fans are with Ole when Brendan Rodgers (who took over last February) and Frank Lampard (who had just over a season Championship experience with Derby) with a transfer ban have both outperformed him so far.