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    Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China

    Perhaps curry kills viruses? :ROFL:
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    Nedbank Giveaway – R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Many retailers, in one basket Drive, park and queue no more with groceries you can order, track and pay for from home, with free delivery. On checkout, you can schedule a delivery day and time that suits you.
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    4k over ethernet...

    The HDMI plug is 16mm if I remember correctly. The bulky plastic on either end can be shaved off to make it fit in a 20mm conduit. Over done that before without damaging the cable. My challenge is a 16mm conduit that I need to fit a cable through. Tried mini HDMI which I could squeeze through...
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    Huawei Smartphone, Video Play and Hosting Promotion - Win R3,000 cash

    As the leading specialist web hosting company in South Africa, with over 20 years experience* , our technical expertise and service enables over 500 000 website owners to grow their business
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    Huawei Smartphone, Video Play and Hosting Promotion - Win R3,000 cash

    The Huawei P40 with 50MP Ultra Vision Camera, 16MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera, and 8MP Telephoto Camera promises visionary photography at your fingertips.
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    How will you trim/cut your hair? (POLL)

    Paid R150 for hair clippers that was on special at Clicks and already cut my own hair twice. Didnt attempts anything close to what my barber does but managed to make myself look decent
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    Makro Giveaway - Enter now and win R2,000 cash

    Canon 250D DSLR Twin Lens Camera Kit R 9,99900 You save R 2,000
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    Do you still have liquor left at home?

    Acquired during lockdown? Share the source, please :D
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    Do you still have liquor left at home?

    Last weekend, I had my last whiskey :( The previous week, my last beer. I now only have about 2 shots of gin left.
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    Are you getting your full salary in May?

    No. Even though I've been working much harder than before the lockdown.
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    How would you rate President Cyril Ramaphosa’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis so far?

    5. It would probably be less if I were a smoker
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    Amazon Web Services Cape Town region goes live

    Yeah looking at the pricing calculator for on-demand instances, it's over 10% more in CPT than in Ireland.
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    Does Ramaphosa read or memorise his speech?

    Reading or not, imagine how long the address would have taken if Zuma were still in charge? :ROFL: He'd still be trying to read the figures.
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    Sweden – which has left schools, gyms, and restaurants open – says virus strategy is effective

    Their deaths\1m population is higher than the US. They also have many more cases than us with fewer tests being done.
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    How much money are you saving being on lockdown?

    Savings: R2000 on fuel for 2 cars R250 my lunch at work (For the days I don't eat the food they provide) R600 wifes monthly lunch spend at work Extra costs: I'm pretty certain though that my extra grocery spend will exceed what I've saved. Electricity and rates would also be higher. Pay cut is...
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    How do you spend your time during the lockdown?

    Basically only trying to juggle working from home without neglecting the little one and dog. I wanted to fit new outdoor lights but haven't even found time to do that. Ended up working over the long weekend also due to project deadlines.