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  1. OCP

    Dagga activist Julian Stobbs fatally shot in armed robbery

    No argument. I used 9mm as that would be a more likely caliber used for SD and EDC.
  2. OCP

    Dagga activist Julian Stobbs fatally shot in armed robbery

    Several well placed 9mm rounds would argue otherwise........
  3. OCP

    Are you back in the office, or are you still working from home?

    Never left the office :-(
  4. OCP

    New Evidence Supports Modern Greeks Having DNA of Ancient Mycenaeans
  5. OCP

    Apple's next iPhones won't come with a charger - Report

    + your soul (sorry gingers)
  6. OCP

    Echo Dot

    Carb often has some for sale but not for R300. Cheapest I have seen was R500 but most go for R650-750.
  7. OCP

    Echo Dot

    Not wanting to sell sorry.
  8. OCP

    Echo Dot

    I have a spare you could borrow - how long do you need it for?
  9. OCP

    New Windows 10 update causes big printer problems

    Besides windows? ;-)
  10. OCP

    Celebrities dying from Covid-19

    Fingers crossed for Justin Bieber.....
  11. OCP

    'Can't you see my wife is dead?'

    You underestimate the physical pain you feel when you lose your partner. Death would be a better alternative at that moment in time.
  12. OCP

    Unifi in-wall AP's anyone?

    The bracket for starters but if you know of any single short blondes drop me a pm ;-)
  13. OCP

    Unifi in-wall AP's anyone?

    I might be interred - where are you based?
  14. OCP

    Am I allowed to...

    Those can be just as dangerous....
  15. OCP

    Help Choosing An ISP

    I would avoid Afrihost even if they were the last remaining fibre ISP in the country. Not going to support an unethical company.
  16. OCP

    Government and labour unions working together on "new SAA" plan

    New troff for the piggies.....
  17. OCP

    South Africa doesn’t have enough black pilots and cabin crew: lawmakers

    According to the ANC nothing good ever came from a white person so that would not fly....
  18. OCP

    GTA V is now free - How to get it

    External SSD on USB3 should be ok? Or if you have a NAS add an iSCSI block partition ;-) (Would need to on cable network though - WiFi would not cope)