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  1. eehellfire

    Cancellation of a cell phone contract

    This is more a rant than anything. Vodacom is a proper scum company. Anyway, story is as follows: My MiL has a cell phone contract with Vodacom. It's a SIM only contract (i.e. no device). She lost her job a while back and has run out of savings. She has 11 months left on the contract but can't...
  2. eehellfire

    Bank of Lisbon building to be imploded Sunday 24 Nov 2019
  3. eehellfire

    Change of ownership for a trailer

    I bought a second hand trailer and need to do change of ownership. I need some advice on the process to follow. The previous owner gave me a copy of his ID and the original Registration Certificate. Where to from here? I'm in JHB if that makes a difference.
  4. eehellfire

    Breaking: Shooting at Dowerglen Highschool, Edenvale

    Seeing lots of reports of this - awaiting validation from news sources