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    WildEarth - live streaming game drives in KNP

    They're live twice-a-day during lockdown, at 06:00 and 15:30. Definitely worth watching for a while
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    Vumatel's maintenance in Linden area, 3-11 December

    So it seems Vuma is performing "emergency fibre maintenance" in the Linden area, from 3 Dec to 11 Dec. However, Cool Ideas reportedly had no idea of this? Also no notifications sent to fibre users, meaning that there was no advance warning, to allow people working from home to make alternative...
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    Is prepaid LTE a unicorn?

    In light of the spate of DDOS attacks, I'm looking for an ad hoc backup that allows us to continue working from home. Being able to video conference is crucial. The best option seems to be a prepaid LTE option. I can't seem to find any local ISP's offering this. Is this a unicorn amongst the...
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    I loved this. Solid 8/10 Joaquin's name almost contains "Joker", makes you think...
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    Any AlwaysOn ADSL issues?

    Is anyone experiencing downtime perhaps, using AlwaysOn's ADSL service? They're not answering helpdesk calls or emails.
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    MSI X470 Gaming Plus mobo - Sale

    Item name: MSI X470 GAMING PLUS AMD Ryzen Socket AM4 ATX Motherboard Age and condition: brand new Do you include packaging: Yes (original box with full contents) Warranty: Yes (Rebel Tech) Reason for selling: RMA (warranty replacement) Price: R1800 Negotiable: No Location: Olivedale a/h, Jhb CBD...
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    Vodacom outages this week

    I'm battling to access Voda's app on my phone this morning, and websites as well. Colleague says they've had outages since the weekend. Has anyone received any details about this?