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  1. Mekon

    George Floyd: Twitter drops 'master', 'slave' and 'blacklist'

    The world should carry on as usual and ignore all these petty little things.
  2. Mekon

    Rare cars on SA road

    What is 'on the on my' ? However, good to hear that at least someone is pandering to your needs and emotions.
  3. Mekon

    Rare cars on SA road

    You seem upset? Do you need a hug?
  4. Mekon

    Rare cars on SA road

    I actually don't love or hate it. It's a classic that was ahead of it's time when it was launched. However people that get boners for Polo's wif rimz is laughable.
  5. Mekon

    Rare cars on SA road

    2000CS. My late father had a white left hand drive with a blue interior. He also had a 30CS. Same body but different and much better looking nose and obviously a 3.0 straight 6. I loved that car.
  6. Mekon

    Rare cars on SA road

    That's just your irrelevant opinion. There have been many relevant opinions on the E Types styling over the years.
  7. Mekon

    The Boeing 747 is being shut down

    Military or commercial? They have very different seating arrangments
  8. Mekon

    The Boeing 747 is being shut down

    Why is it being shut down? Shouldn't you actually say it's being discontinued?
  9. Mekon

    Amazon's Jeff Bezos now worth over $170 billion

    Yet can't pay general staff a decent wage.
  10. Mekon

    SANDF budget cuts send Air Force into tailspin

    Will do. Maybe this Saturday
  11. Mekon

    SANDF budget cuts send Air Force into tailspin

    Does it make you sad?
  12. Mekon

    Are you liable for child support if marrying a woman with kids and divorcing later?

    Give it Give it time lad, give it time. Who hurt me? Well that was my ex wife who decided to have an affair and then divorced me to be with the unemployed geezer. Why did she divorce me? I guess me working long hours and trying to build a future and make sure there was enough money for holidays...
  13. Mekon

    The law says police are allowed to use deadly force to defend and protect - Cele

    Hahahaha.....with that kont in charge. Not going to happen.
  14. Mekon

    Hundreds of elephants dead in mysterious mass die-off in Botswana

    Everyones pathetic attempts at humour aside, this is f*cking terrible. Probably got something to do with humans because humans can't leave anything untouched.
  15. Mekon

    I felt a tremor. Thunder is surly imminent. – An outsider’s inside view and review of RAIN and its future.

    Yeah Rain rocks (sits staring blankly at screen while 23 second video on pornhub has been buffering for 6 minutes)
  16. Mekon

    Hundreds of used COVID-19 test kits found dumped

    Nope just the way this country is run.
  17. Mekon

    Rain LTE jumping between slow and pathetic since 30/06

    My daughter got a Rain LTE sim at the beginning of lockdown so she could work from home. It is an uncapped account so that is not a throttling issue (which they maintain they don't do). Her boss got her a new router and I have tested if it was a router issue with my phones sim and that was...
  18. Mekon

    Eskom will be allowed to enforce major electricity price increases

    "The utility said the correction of the unlawful and poor decisions made by Nersa will assist Eskom to return to financial sustainability." Hahaferkingha.....what a hypocritical thing to say. Eksfokkendom have only themselves to blame for the financial position they in. But hey, if a scapegoat...