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  1. Captain Beer

    Have you ever had a car stolen?

    There's been a recent uptick in vehicle theft in our area recently. I have a friend who now uses a chain to attach the tow hook of his car to one of the poles on his carport. The neighborhood watch has sent out a message urging residents to please only use off street parking in residential areas...
  2. Captain Beer

    Replacing an AGM battery with a standard flooded one

    So my 10 year old Varta AGM unit is reaching the end of its life. I got some quotes this week and unfortunately I just can't afford to replace it with another AGM at the moment. I realize that a wet cell or EFB wont last as long, but I just need a short term solution in the mean time. Two of...
  3. Captain Beer

    What are you paying per kWh?

    Long story, but due to recent circumstances, I've been forced to buy prepaid electricity using cash instead of buying online like I've been doing for the last few years. I almost had a stroke when I saw the slip, R2.78/kWh (VAT inc). I had a look at the CoCT tariffs and that's indeed the rate...
  4. Captain Beer

    ANC calls for Malema to return

  5. Captain Beer

    Group threatens farmer

  6. Captain Beer

    Joburg family forced to watch daughter’s rape in Valentine’s Day nightmare

    This is the second horrific rape incident this month in the area, the first involving a 72-year-old woman. Joburg family forced to watch daughter’s rape in Valentine’s Day nightmare
  7. Captain Beer

    #Loadshedding sparks desperate call to #BringBackBrianMolefe

    Cape Town - South Africans are already fed up with the unpredictability of Eskom's power cuts and they're looking for a saviour. Enter Brian Molefe of Saxonwold shebeen fame. Many Twitter users expressed nostalgia for the days when, according to them, Eskom managed to keep the lights on...
  8. Captain Beer

    'Unruly' passenger forcibly removed from Kulula flight
  9. Captain Beer

    Nine gunmen storm Greyhound bus, assault and rob passengers
  10. Captain Beer

    BLF deputy president throttled during attack in Soweto flat
  11. Captain Beer

    Zuma on land: Less debate, more nationalisation