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    Principal Engineer
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    Nintendo Switch Game Recommendations?

    So, the last console I owned was an Atari 2600, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I have ordered a Nintendo Switch. I'm entirely a PC gamer until now, but I wanted to get something for both my wife and myself, since we're stuck at home (if it was just for me, I probably would have gone...
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    More nostalgia

    I thought this video was great. It triggered a lot of old memories. I expect that I played about 80% of these.
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    Sopwith Source

    Source code. Behold its glory:
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    Old DOS games poster

    I found this a bit earlier. Brings back memories.
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    Team Blind

    I had not heard of this site until recently. It’s primarily about working in some of the bigger tech and some finance companies internationally, but it has some really interesting tidbits if you want to see how things work in different companies or get a feeling for the culture there...