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    Musicians' thread.

    When it comes to both professional and home recording Reaper is the best choice when using a sound mixer (I have Behringer Xenyx, for example). Before it, I was using Audacity which is simpler in use but more straightforward, still a great tool for quick recording. I don't have much space at...
  2. Hannibale

    Cool cutting mould!

    Can this be used with a wet tile saw table? Maybe a 7-inch one like this? I'm thinking to order one, never had one before so I decided to ask. I heard that it should already come with a ruler of some sort.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    I guess that's the only decent Warhammer-based title which isn't a strategy.
  5. Hannibale

    Best Bluetooth Audio/Communication device for a motorbike helmet.

    Never heard about Freecom, though I think Sena or Lexin should have something that would fit you. Here a few links for a reference: and...
  6. Hannibale

    Rumor: RDR2 PC to be announced at Stadia August 19

    RDR2 was a reason to buy PS4 for me. Won't bother with Stadia.
  7. Hannibale

    BotW 2 and Witcher 3 coming to Switch - E3 Nintendo Direct news

    Indeed. Having Zelda, Doom and Witcher 3 in my pocket was the main reason to buy Switch for me.
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    PUBG Mobile South African players

    Hey there. This user does not exist it says
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    What game are you playing now ?

    You reminded me I have it in my Steam library untouched. Bought it immediately after the announcement. Though I spent 200 hours playing their previous game This War of Mine I'm currently playing GTA5 again. I like the single-player...
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    New Unfinished Plants VS. Zombies Trailer Leaked

    Darn, I missed it. The video is unavailable now. Is it gonna be a strategy or a crappy shooter again?
  11. Hannibale

    Best gadget reviewing websites

    Hi there. Recently I came across this avg cleaner review which helped me a lot. I think you might check it too.
  12. Hannibale

    The Twilight Zone (2019 TV Series)

    I loved the original series, but it aged poorly.
  13. Hannibale

    Avengers: Endgame [***SPOILERS***]

    I agree it's really worth watching.