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    Lenovo Ideapad 320 Keyboard Replace

    Morning , I have this Lenovo Ideapad 320 Not switching on. I have done all the usual reset stuff . When I pull the Keyboard ribbon and add a USB keyboard it boots up perfectly. With the Keyboard ribbon connected , shows the Lenovo spash screen and switches off. The power button also don't work...
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    LG G8X boot loader locked

    I got a new LG G8X from Vodacom , I tried to unlock the bootloader , with the official LG way .(With IMEI and device ID ) Error message South African version can't be unlocked . I know the EU phones can be unlocked . Why is the South African phones locked ?
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    Solar advice please

    Hi I want a solar setup , only to run the laptop, Samsung 24 inch monitor and a LTE router . How does it work , can I leave it for weeks , and then when the power goes just plug in an extension cord . And all good to go Some advice on what is needed and approximate pricing please
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    SIM-only deal MTN

    I phoned MTN to get the R199 sim only deal , only to be told I don't qualify , because of credit rating. ( i don't have bad credit I have no credit for last couple of years, therefore low score ) I even offered to pay the R2400 upfront , no go , system says declined. Is there no more common...