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    Which UPS

    Rather get one of these. It has both 12v and 9v outputs at the same runs my router and ont for about 7 hours.
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    Ellies Inverter voltage

    The 220v is not the battery voltage but the mains supply.
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    Which UPS

    Yep that sounds about right. It also supports poe devices. Thinking of eventually going the ubiquity route.
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    Which UPS

    Hi Pho3nix It only goes down by one bar out of 4 in 3 hours. I am running a a cpe and router. I like that it also gives you the ac incoming voltage.
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    Which UPS

    I have one . It's about the size of a comic.
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    No internet connectivity - Webafrica

    My download speed has stayed the same but the upload has doubled. They say on WhatsApp that is correct.
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    What happens to my PVR recordings after cancelling DSTV?

    Don't think it will work as the decoder has to receive the encryption codes to operate. Not sure about the 24 rand package. I think you will still have to pay the activation fee.
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    Free Usenet Server

    Worked for me a few minutes ago.
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    Google services down ?

    Seems to be back for me
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    same problem. I changed the default dns to cloudflare.
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    TP-Link model tl-wr840n 9v connected to 12v battery

    Best is to purchase a buck converter. Communica sell them.
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    Newish 2000va Mecer UPS only lasts 90 minutes with fiber

    You would have to measure the current that is drawn. If you discharge the batteries to below 50% you will really shorten the amount of charges the batteries can provide. The other charges plugged in will also consume some current. I use a 20ah battery and a charger to provide power to my router...
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    Newish 2000va Mecer UPS only lasts 90 minutes with fiber

    None of those ups devices are made to run for a long time. They are made to give you enough time to shutdown a computer.
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    Google Nest

    It worked for a few months and then stopped.
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    Bad news for SA’s slow Internet

    Same with webafrica....its a bit faster this morning.
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    Telkom Mobile Speed, Disconnections & Coverage Problems – click here first!

    They say the undersea cables will take at least 3 to 4 weeks to be repaired.
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    USB Hub

    Hi You much purchase a powered hub. It has a separate power supply. Get a usb 3 one.
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    Stage 2 loadshedding from 01:00 until 06:00 [2020/01/08]

    Mine did that.....had to replace the battery. Now it works ok.