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  1. gamer16

    Hisense F16 Network Lock

    Can one remove network (Vodacom) lock from these phones? Google results are literally all spam Would flashing the stock manufacturer ROM not do the trick?.
  2. gamer16

    Jessi Combs: US race car driver killed in high-speed crash

    US race car driver and television personality Jessi Combs has been killed in a crash while attempting to set a new land speed record. Combs' family confirmed that she had died in a crash in a jet-powered car in south-east Oregon, but further details were not immediately released "Jessi's most...
  3. gamer16

    War Thunder

    Anyone playing this? Got it yesterday, went in quickly this morning to have a look around, it looks freakin amazing I say. In the 5 min that I played I managed to shoot down one bloke, felt pretty proud of myself considering nothing is set up yet and I haven't done the tutorial. Looking...
  4. gamer16

    Chrome Spell Check

    Even though Chrome is 99% perfect the standard spell check and dictionary are rather piss poor, its not nearly as good as basically anything else. Isn't there a way I can have it reference Google for spelling suggestions or something? I find a lot of the time it knows the word is spelled...
  5. gamer16

    Weird PackMan Extention in Chrome

    Didn't install this Keeps returning every now and then, anyone know how it gets added?
  6. gamer16

    Satawu plans ‘total shutdown’ of South Africa’s ports

    South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (Satawu) members are set to down tools at all of South Africa’s ports from 06:00 on Thursday, May 30. Satawu on Monday served the Transnet National PortsAuthority (TNPA) with a strike notice after the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and...
  7. gamer16

    Help with Linux install

    Who feels like helping me win at installing Linux on my machine tonight? I can easily install it and boot up, the issue I run into that I have yet to solve is installing the GPU driver for my old GTX470, after installing any of the options the OS no longer boots. So what I need is someone to...
  8. gamer16

    Niki Lauda, Austrian Formula 1 legend, passed away at 70

    Three-time Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda has died at the age of 70, nine months after undergoing a lung transplant. The legendary Austrian took the title for Ferrari in 1975 and 1977 and McLaren in 1984. For many, he will be remembered for his remarkable recovery and return to racing...
  9. gamer16

    The Best sounding car you have ever heard.

    Probably going to be a massive argument this, but anyway. What in your opinion is the best sounding car you've ever heard, it can be anything from a proper screaming V12 from the 60's or a farty Golf from yesterday. Try to keep it to cars you've actually heard, not heard on YouTube. For me...
  10. gamer16

    GPU DirectX Support

    I have a silly question, I'm busy watching a random video and the mention of the old GeForce GTX 280 reminded me of a couple of years ago I saw one for sale for a grand, this card cost 5k when it came out I believe, if I did my math correctly. So I had no GPU then and thought to take advantage...
  11. gamer16

    Overview of a R4300 Mbest 27QHD 165Hz 1440p Korean Gaming Monitor

    Looks pretty damn good, and it's cheap.
  12. gamer16

    Generation Zero Review - Worthabuy?

    Love this guy's reviews.
  13. gamer16

    Another Corsa Problem thread

    Another one for the list Started noticing a rather rough vibration coming from the left wheel when turning right on the move, eg when weaving or taking a right at low speeds. There is no knock in the cv when moving the wheel left too right whilst stationary and I ensured all the relevant...
  14. gamer16

    Chemical Tyre Sealant's

    Does this stuff work properly and is it a permanent fix? Also how much do you get out of a can, I've got 3 flats to repair just to get my car moving.
  15. gamer16

    Wanted: El Cheepo 8gb DDR3 1333(OC)/1066/800

    Item Wanted: Some Cheap 8GB DDR3 1333 preferred 2 if possible. Packaging Essential: Meh Desired Age: Not important Location: Alberton Willing to accept a shipped item: Collection Preferred. Ballpark/Budget Amount: <500
  16. gamer16

    Motorcycle sale of the century.

    Have a lookie here
  17. gamer16

    1971 Datsun 510 and a Very Happy Jay Leno

    A old video from Jay Leno's garage. I caught myself full of smiles and envy watching this, then I noticed the same from Jay, his usual sedate composure and mannerisms in control of super and hypercar's went out the window at the sheer fun this gorgeous little Datsun is to drive. I can't help...
  18. gamer16

    The Grand Tour review – Clarkson and co skid ever further into irrelevance

    The three petrolheads return with more of the same old cars, rants and bants – on Amazon, where they can be safely ignored Ah, Jeremy Clarkson. Remember? We used to talk about him all the time, whether we wanted to or not. Then he punched his producer and had to leave Top Gear, Piers Morgan...
  19. gamer16

    Positioning of files on drives

    Just a quick one, from the below it would appear to me that certain files (seems to be random) are on the middle of the platter instead of the inside, am I correct in saying this? If so why would this happen? This is a fresh installation of W7 on a oldish storage drive.
  20. gamer16

    Ride 2

    Has anyone given this a crack? I have been messing about in it, not really doing a lot of racing as I find it difficult to get into, you know being used to car games and such. But its great fun, it has a small handful of SuperMoto's which are a bit boring unless you are good enough to slide them...