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  1. Fcon_Vpro

    [SALE] iPhone 7 Plus 128GB and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 32GB

    Item name: iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Black The phone includes Rhinoshield bumper case and front and back screen protectors. Please check the following youtube video to see how effective the protection is on it. The bumper and screen protectors have been on there for 3 years so they are getting a bit...
  2. Fcon_Vpro

    [S] Samsung Refrigerator: RR35H6610SS (New in box)

    Item name: Samsung RR35H6610SS 1 Door with Digital Inverter Technology Refrigerator, 353 L Age and condition: Brand new Do you include packaging: Yes (Never opened) Warranty: Unsure due to my below reason for selling. Will give a "turn on" warranty that if you open and there are issues I'll...