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    Gauteng government says it won’t push for a hard lockdown – here’s what it plans to do instead

    Everywhere I go now I see unemployed workers on the side of the road, huddling together, talking, no masks. Theres your problem.
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    Manual and Feedback on Mecer 1200VA 720W 12V Inverter

    The manual is pretty basic - what do you want to know? Also, I have the 720W. It's good, when running or charging there is a mild coil buzzing sound and some fan noise. I wouldn't want it in the same room as where i'm working.
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    MTN 5G vs 4G - Side-by-side speed tests

    It's just disgusting, demoralizing and down right pathetic that ICASA hasn't licenced spectrum for 5G yet (or even more for 4G). I can only assume it is malicious, because no one can be that incompetent.
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    These are the areas in South Africa that will likely see the first peak in coronavirus cases: Mkhize

    And a province is a totally arbitrary geographical line drawn without ANY consideration for population or population density. So it is a meaningless comparison.
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    South Africa’s casinos and hotels are allowed to open – but there is a hitch

    As somebody said to me, living in Gauteng is totally unfair, because it is such a tiny province with almost no holiday resorts, but someone in the Eastern Cape or Western Cape can drive 100's of km to resorts all over their province. It;s totally stupid that someone across the border from...
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    Government willing to give up control of SAA

    Worked, sort of, for Telkom. But that was a fluke I think,
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    Volkswagen T-Roc (incl T-Roc R)

    It's more expensive than a Tiguan?
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    Should restaurants be allowed to sell alcohol?

    Well alcohol is basically sanitizer, so by drinking you are killing the corona in your throat from the table next to you.
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    Updated lockdown rules for South African schools – including matric exams, return to hostels and more

    Are we seriously still dealing with fkn permits for everything? Why? There are a million reasons now to move around and the police can't be expected to check anything anymore.
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    AMD versus Intel in 2020 - CPU price comparison

    intel i5 - 10500 is wrong in the article: Performance Specifications # of Cores6 # of Threads12 Processor Base Frequency 3.10 GHz Max Turbo Frequency 4.50 GHz Cache12 MB Intel® Smart Cache Bus Speed8 GT/s Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Frequency‡4.50 GHz TDP65 W
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    Government plans to give HD TVs to over 100,000 matrics

    Who the **** needs a TV installed for them?
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    South Africa is looking to move to ‘advanced level 3 lockdown’ – here’s what could change

    Sorry for your loss. But honestly, none of us know anything about the private health conditions of anyone else, and even little about our own health. And even then, you could have hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, immune disorders and underlying conditions for years with no real symptoms...
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    YouTube trick allows you to watch videos without ads

    What I find more amusing is some companies think we will sit through a 3 minute ad instead of clicking Skip (I'm looking at you, Ford SA).
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    Temporary spectrum - What Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Rain are doing

    You know, it takes special effort, energy and bold faced arrogance to **** up spectrum allocations so badly that no-one can even use them. Well done ICASA - you have proven to be even more useless than doing nothing.
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    PlayStation 5 unveiled - All the new games and details

    Digital edition looks way better without the drive bulge.
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    Nvidia's upcoming RTX 3000 graphics cards – Leaked images and details

    That heatsink design looks really expensive and intricate to manufacture. Seems a bit silly for something that will in most cases sit behind smoked/frosted glass and face downwards so no-one will see it anyway.
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    Edgars looking for buyers to help keep it open

    I tried to help by ordering a whole bunch of stuff online on 1 May. It arrived on the 6 June, some items missing and some others wrong. What a joke.
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    What to expect from South Africa’s cigarette sale court battle happening this week

    Is smoking listed anywhere as a comorbidity in death stats? No. Even if it was, so what. Diabetes is a comorbidity. So why aren't they banning sugar and carbs for all the fatties? Hypertension too, so ban unhealthy food too. Only kale and yoghurt allowed. This is why it is irrational.