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    REVEALED: 18 of the worst municipal money horror stories in SA

    Because he know's that if he burns the truck or shop and loot it, at the end he will have to pay for it, and may I say, he is educated, that is why he won't protest, he will rather work and try make this country a better place.
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    REVEALED: 18 of the worst municipal money horror stories in SA

    You are wrong. Anc says, we know where we faulted, vote again , we are going to do it correct now.
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    Why it is dangerous to just throw away old batteries and electronics in South Africa

    The Municipality can start doing there job, with people who throw rubbish on the street, getting there landfill sites legal and safe, supply services which is our legal right, then worry about a dead battery. And before worrying about a dead battery worry about your over paid dead mayor.
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    General router question re number of devices

    The smaller mifi type can only handle something like 12 or so, so it is a hardware thing only
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    Jeffrey Epstein: US financier 'charged with sex trafficking'

    What happened to Barbies lover, the guy who was caught in Russia.
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    Ford Figo dash lights come on when driving ?

    I spoke this afternoon to a guy, he was a fleet manager, one ford gave this same problem. They ended removing and cleaning all the computer plug-in cables.
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    R499 | Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 Professional

    Made a second deal with this person. Very happy with their service. Wish more companies can be like them. Trustworthy seller!
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    Bulelani Qholani wants dignity back after being dragged naked from home

    I did not see the video, but am sure he was very helpful when they told him to come outside. Police boss "go and take them out of their house. Police come back, Captain , he did not want to come out, and he still have all his dignity".
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    Bulelani Qholani wants dignity back after being dragged naked from home

    Harare police station inside Capetown.
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    Built in Call Recorder on new phones
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    Tshwane leads irregular expenditure in Gauteng - AG

    Yes, "a better life for all politicians"
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    Grade 11 Pretoria pupil dies in plane crash a few days after her first solo flight

    Sure her father spend lots off money on her training.
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    Phone Recommendations - Android

    The problem with a contract phone, you can only choose what they offer you, and they only offer what they get at a good deal, for them.
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    Internet disconnects after startup/restart problem

    if it might help try go to apps/ office/ modify repair. I did that today. Internet stays on.
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    I guess we will forever have to pirate in this country of ours

    those you tube ads is getting very annoying. Seems like they are making them more and more until you pay
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    Home - RICA Blocked me for having too many sim cards!!??

    I must say, I have bought/ got, rica them, and give them away. I don't know how many I got, but not more then ten. I wonder if you get a company rica thing as well. But I am surprise, surely if Jacob stortkop want to give a phone to every of his 25 children and his how many wifes, surely there...
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    Don't know who is doing trenching...

    Stop and ask
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    Flying to visit my Daughter

    Letter from a doctor