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  1. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Call to probe Boston police tests of 'dog' robots

    Massachusetts State Police has been asked to explain how it is using robot dogs, by a civil liberties group. The police force has spent the past three months testing "Spot" robot dogs alongside some of its officers. The robots, made by Boston Dynamics, are believed to have helped with several...
  2. Daisy Cloudskitter

    SARS 2019 Efiling on Mac - is Adobe still mandatory?

    Would appreciate any input from Mac users. I’m not tech savvy & spent hours on phone with SARS last year. They ended up emailing the ITA34 PDF , then I uninstalled Adobe acrobat & reader. - Has anyone here efiled on the new SARS platform with Mac, but without Adobe ? ( I use MB air, Safari...
  3. Daisy Cloudskitter

    British Airways pilots ground planes in unprecedented 48-hour strike

    British Airways pilots began a 48-hour strike on Monday, grounding nearly all its flights The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) last month gave the airline notice of three days of industrial action in September, in the first ever strike by BA pilots. “Unfortunately, with no detail...
  4. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Power outage KZN (upper h/way area 8)

    Been off 3 hrs now, anyone else ?
  5. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Fortnite: UK player finishes second in e-sports World Cup ‘A British teenager has won nearly a million pounds after coming second alongside his teammate in the Fortnite World Cup finals. Jaden Ashman, from Essex will split $2.25m (£1.8m) with his Dutch partner. His mother said she and her son used to have...
  6. Daisy Cloudskitter

    British Airways faces record £183m fine for data breach The ICO said the incident took place after users of British Airways' website were diverted to a fraudulent site. Through this false site, details of around 500,000 customers were harvested by the attackers. The incident was first disclosed on 6...
  7. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Next Apple laptop, user advice appreciated

    APPLE RECALLS ( some) MACBOOK PRO BATTERIES “The recall is said to affect 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina displays sold between September 2015 and February 2017, and Apple is replacing batteries for free on eligible laptops. The batteries may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.”...
  8. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Which bluetooth mouse for Mac?

    Can anyone help please ... I use a Logitech B137 wireless ‘mini’ mouse with the USB receiver permanently plugged in my 2015 MacBook Air (running Mojave). Now looking at laptop upgrade for retina screen & better graphics card. Thinking either the new MB Air or 2017 MB pro, but ports are all...
  9. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Microsoft workers demand it drop $480 million U.S. Army contract

    Workers calling on the company to stop developing “any and all weapons technologies", saying they “did not sign up to develop weapons, and we demand a say in how our work is used.” They called on the company to develop “a public-facing acceptable use policy” for its technology and an external...
  10. Daisy Cloudskitter

    The ‘wild’ physics of the ( non supersonic) passenger plane that just hit 800 mph

    On Tuesday a Boeing 787-9 jet clocked 801 mph hitching a ride on a Transatlantic jet stream; one of the fastest speeds ever achieved by a commercial airliner. For those involved in the aerospace industry, the jet stream is a daily consideration, particularly for people flying from the US to...
  11. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Monty Python knight who said ‘Ni!’ Michael Palin is knighted.

    Sir Michael's honour means he is the first member of the Monty Python comedy group to be knighted. John Cleese tweeted 'Sir Mickey ! He'll have to go 'Ni' for the rest of his life now.
  12. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Gatwick Airport: Drone sightings cause delays

    Tens of thousands of passengers at one of the UK's busiest airports are experiencing flight disruption after drones were seen over the airfield.
  13. Daisy Cloudskitter

    O2 DOWN: UK mobile network crash

    Millions of UK customers’ data down this morning. Poor things are berserking all over Twitter. :crying: Sounds like their first world services are too horrendous. Gotta love the precious.
  14. Daisy Cloudskitter

    Simple image editing app for beginner ?

    Hi , I know zero about graphics - looking for an uncomplicated app to try learn basics (Apple compatible). Appreciate any recommendations... thanks.