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    PlayStation 5 unveiled - All the new games and details

    10k with an extra remote.. One game and 12month ps+ sub and I'll happily pay that..
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    eBucks Trade

    I see there's a notice on the website saying they are working on the allocation of ebucks and will be done shortly
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    DStv Explora to get Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

    I want Apple tv included as well in that package as well :)
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    FNB Insurance

    What is the percentage u get back I ebucks if u move over to them.. Was with them and had no hassles.. But moved when I bought my new car as they couldn't match the premium with brytes insurance
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    New level 3 lockdown rules in a nutshell

    Any news on estate agents being able to work and do show houses?
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    Level 3 draft regulations - Good news for businesses, exercise, alcohol, and hairdressers

    Any news on estate agents being able to take clients to view properties?
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    Repo rate cut by 50bps

    Thank you.. I work for a bank and we get prime - 2..which would make the rate 5.25..but Im still a bit scared.. Cause what goes down must go up.. It just depends how long it takes to go up as my salary will normally go up on average 7.5 %per year(on average for the last three years)
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    Repo rate cut by 50bps

    Is now a good time to to buy a place?will rates go any lower and how quickly will it go up again?
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    Easypay finally has an app.

    Quick one.. When buying electricy on the web or easy pay app.. Are there any other commission or vender fees that are charged.. Ie is u spend R400, do u end up getting the R400 worth.. Wanna look into this to earn ebucks. Thx in advance
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    Is there a worse ISP than Supersonic?

    Very happy with afrihost(been with them for about 2 years all in all .. My friend has Supersonic and it's really terrible..
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    Your best movie scene

    Still get goosebumps watching that scene!
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    The lockdown continues under Level 4 on Friday – What you can and cannot do

    Will the deeds office be opened to do transfers of properties?
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    Afrihost or Supersonic on Vumatel

    Afrihost definitely.. We have no probs and are happy with them.. My friend is with Supersonic and he has endless problems.. Sometimes has to hold on line for 60 mins before call centre answers.. Will highly recommend afrihost!
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    I just Wana know if the deeds office will be allowed to open???
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    Price to move ONT to other side of room

    Yip just checked.. It says utp 5e
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    Price to move ONT to other side of room

    My gaming is better when cabled :)
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    Price to move ONT to other side of room

    Looks like I'll end up just running the ethernet cable to the opposite side.. Is there a huge difference between cat 5 and 6 as I have an unopened 50 metre cat 5 lying in cupboard.. Just need to do streaming ang gaming
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    Price to move ONT to other side of room

    This is what it looks like