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    Buy customised Macbooks in SA?

    My wife is in the market for a new Macbook. We were looking at getting the new i5 Macbook Air. However, most online reviews recommend you upgrade to the 16GB model, which of course is not sold here in SA (at least not in the iStore). Apple's own US website gives the option to add 8GB to the...
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    Macbook Pro Screen repair in Pretoria

    Any recommendations for a good shop in Pretoria? My wife's Macbook Pro from 2014/2015 had an unfortunate accident with a 12v alarm battery and a cat (who will soon be dead): It can probably do with a battery replacement too (OSX says "service needed" and it does die randomly every now and...
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    No bill/statement for April / May?

    Hi all, Just noticed I haven't received a bill for April or May. Using the link in the "MTN Documents" emails I got previously only show me until March 2020, and using the
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    ADSL Line disconnects every 16mins

    Hi all, I'm doing remote-family-tech support for a couple of dentists (gotta love the lockdown). They complained that their ADSL "breaks" very often. Upon logging in via TeamViewer, I proceeded to get into the Telkom issued Netgear N300 ADSL 2+ router (model DGN2200Mv2)'s admin side. The line...
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    WebAfrica over OpenServe down?

    My Fibre connection over Webafrica just starting experiencing connection reset or time out issues. Pings to goes through with some packet loss (33% loss). Anybody have the same issues?
  6. E - safe? Reliable?

    Has anybody bought a refurbished machine from I am looking at purchasing a refurbished notebook from them....
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    Frogfoot in Garsfontein = big mess

    Frogfoot dropped flyers last week announcing that they were going to start digging up the neighbourhood this week to install fibre. Initially I was fairly excited -- having two fibre providers (we already have Openserve) is pretty awesome. Of course they promised that it would be microtrenching...
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    I might have destroyed my Google Home

    I got a Google Home two years ago. Recently it has been getting worse and worse at recognizing me. Most of the time it doesn't respond, many times it gets the question wrong completely. So tonight I read that it might be dust in the mic-holes and that you should blow on it. So I thought OK, I...
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    D-Link DSL-G225 port forwarding (Telkom fibre)

    hi all, I'm trying to set up remote access to a Home Assistant instance running on a raspberry Pi at my father in-law. He has Telkom 10 Mbps fibre and is using the DLink DSL-G225 router that they supplied. For the life of me I can't seem to open the correct ports on this thing. I basically go...
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    Webafrica down this morning?

    Fibre gave some intermittent issues and now no traffic is coming through. Colleague who lives close by also have the same issue. Neither of us can get through to them. This is in Pretoria East (Garsfontein and Faerie Glen).
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    Vodacom Data Sim for Blackberry (different than other data sims?)

    Does anybody know if you need another "kind" of Data Sim for a Blackberry to work? My scenario is as follows: * I have an iPhone contract * I have 2 datasims already - one for my iPad and one for my 3G stick * I have an old BlackBerry which I want to use while travelling abroad for basic...
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    Apple Macbook Air from US

    Hi guys, I'm heading to the US in September and thought it a good idea to get the missus a Macbook Air 13" with 128 GB SSD. Now I have a couple of colleagues and because I know this particular Air's stock is rather limited, I thought I'd order it online now and have it deliver to a colleague...
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    Resell Prime device?

    Good day all, Some time ago I stopped my Neotel Prime service due to lack of service coverage in the area that I live. I am busy selling the device to a friend of mine for R500 - he wants (!) Neotel and are willing to pay the R500 up front to get the device so that he can go on a month-to-month...
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    iBurst iCall and SNOM M3

    Good day, I have a problem with my iBurst iCall and a SNOM M3 that I've purchased. The iCall account is "" - not the number that they've assigned. Unfortunately, as soon as I enter that into the SNOM phone's SIP profile username field, it sees the "@" sign and decides that...
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    Vodacom Roaming in Italy

    Hi - anybody travel to Italy recently? I'm touring there in 2 weeks and want to take my Blackberry on SMS and data-roaming (using text-based emails, no auto-more, and BBM only, it should be little data). However, when I phoned Vodacom yesterday, they said the only roaming option would be SMS...
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    BIS 3.0 coming soon (includes 2-way GMail sync...)

    Hi guys, See that BIS 3.0 is coming soon (21st of March from RIM - see! Some of the juicy bits: IS 3.0 (March 2010): * Improved the Gmail plugin * Synchronization deleted messages, read / unread and sent between...
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    BB 8520 Pre-paid price?

    Does anybody know what I will pay for a BB 8520 on pre-paid? Want to buy one for my dad for Christmas... I've checked Vodacom Direct (although their pricing are usually useless) but they don't show the BB's for cash.
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    Blackberry BIS 2.6?

    Hi V3G (or anybody else) - any idea when we'll see Vodacom upgrade the BIS server to version 2.6? VC was some of the first carriers to go to 2.5, but now we seem to be lagging a bit...?
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    File & Print sharing disabled

    Good day, I am sure this is an issue that has been posted before and solved, so somebody please point me to the right thread (tried searching - no avail). Whenever I go online with my E220, I loose the ability to access Windows shared folders on other PCs. I've tried setting up direct...