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  1. LandyMan

    PC Upload speed - not what it should be

    Ok, so I am baffled, let's see if someone can maybe help. Scenario: I have a 20/20 Fibre line. (to AT&T NY) from my mobile connecting to the AP shows correct 20 down and 20 up. Same test to Dublin shows 20 down and 20 up. Now, I connect my PC to the same AP. AT&T NY gives 20 down...
  2. LandyMan

    Mikrotik Routerboard - Setup to log packet drops

    Hi all, So I have been experiencing some serious packet loss the last week or so, especially impacting twitch and PUBG on the PS4 (I can post a link to youtube video to show how bad it is). Now, I have looked through the Mikrotik's logging options, as I am sure it must be able to record Packet...
  3. LandyMan

    Samsung Note 9 or Galaxy S10

    It is upgrade time for me, so need to make a call between getting the Note 9, or wait for the S10 Plus ... Any inputs here?
  4. LandyMan

    PS3 Console + Disney Infinity + 21 Games Bundle

    Item: Sony PS3 console ONLY (No controllers) & Disney Infinity + 10 characters & 21 Games Age: 5 Years Price: R1700 Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Good. Disk drive sometimes glitches and takes some time to read the disk Location: Centurion/Midrand Reason: Upgraded to PS4 Shipping...
  5. LandyMan

    New WiFi network for home

    Hi all, Ok, so I am picking up a lot of interference on my currently WiFi setup (from PS4 and MiBox to name two). I am looking at replacing the infrastructure with something more robust, like Ubiquiti AP Lites (if it will work). I will give my current setup, and need some advice whether the...
  6. LandyMan

    PS4 Ultimate Player 1TB vs PS4 Slim 1TB vs PS4 Pro

    Good morning all As per the subject, I am trying to make a call on a PS4, but I need some real life (people) input. I can get an Ultimate Player version with some nice extras second hand for a very good price. PS4 slim basically the same as the Ultimate player, just a bit more expensive. I...
  7. LandyMan

    Looking for specific keyboard and mouse

    Good day all, So, looking for two very specific items: 1. Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard (available at Evetech). Anyone seen it anywhere else? 2. Logitech G502 HERO mouse - this doesn't seem to be available in SA (can get it via Wantitall, but eish). So does anyone know where I can find it...
  8. LandyMan

    Google Chromecast or Android TV box

    Morning all, I am in two minds with regards to getting a Chromecast (convenient to quickly cast content from phones and tablets) or an Android TV box (more functionality, native apps, etc). Now my question, is it possible to cast from a phone via the Android box to the TV, basically having the...
  9. LandyMan

    Sony Playstation 4 Pro deals

    Hi guys and girls, I am in the market for a PS4 Pro (to me from me :)) Any specials/good deals currently running? Thanks
  10. LandyMan

    BB Data - BIS and Bundles

    Hi all, So I got my BB Bold 9700 yesterday, activated VC BIS, and all seems to be working quite ok. However, the BIS server is pretty much limited to lightweight comms type apps and what not. I get alot of large mail files, and browse using my phone(s) quite a bit. Obviously I cannot use...
  11. LandyMan

    Netgear DGN2000 - Wireless issues

    Morning all, So I installed my DGN2000 on my new ADSL line ... all good and extremely easy to get going (via the LAN ports :)). I am having major issues with the wireless connections to the unit. My notebook will connect (about 6 meters away from the router), stay connected for about a...
  12. LandyMan

    Gautrain on the rails?

    Snapped a shot yesterday in Midrand ... is this the Gautrain?
  13. LandyMan

    Changing ISDN line to ADSL

    Morning all, AS per the title, is this possible? I know when you want to downgrade an ISDN line to a normal phoneline, there is a specific procedure to follow. Will the same apply to have it replaced with an ADSL line? Thanks
  14. LandyMan

    Command line FTP client for Windows

    Hi all, I am looking for a command line FTP client, with the capability to define a HTTP proxy server and user to connect through to the FTP site. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. LandyMan

    FTP downloads - all drop at 70Mb

    Maybe someone has experienced the same on the Vodacom network: Whenever I download from a FTP server, the connection drops at exactly 70Mb. 2 weeks ago it happened with the HTC ftp site (downloading the Diamond ROM). At first I thought it was the server, but after 3 tries (and a wasted 210Mb)...
  16. LandyMan

    New Sanyo Xacti VPC CA8 Camcorder

    Link: What do you guys think of this little gem?
  17. LandyMan

    WRT54GL - LAN Subnet

    Hi all, busy setting up a WRT54GL, but the dropdown for LAN subnet is not sufficient for our use ... is there any way to get past this dropdown?
  18. LandyMan

    Good Wireless router/AP for office LAN

    Morning all, We are busy standardising our infrastructure, and need to get a couple of Wireless APs/routers to connect onto the LAN. These routers must be able to be bridged (WDS) to form a bigger cover area utilising a single SSID. I was thinking 2 D-Link or 2 Linksys jobbies. Any...
  19. LandyMan

    Save by using web google search

    Let's help Eskom - Google to save energy For those worried with energy consumption and all its downsides... When your screen is white, being it an empty word page, or the Google page, your computer consumes 74 watts, and when its black it consumes only 59 watts. So a man named Mark Ontkush...
  20. LandyMan

    Windows live messenger - Can't connect

    Is anyone else having problems connecting to Windows Live Messenger today? I am using the VPN AP